Yield Farming my Stable Coins on Pancake Swap – FULL VIDEO

I increased my Stable Coin Yield Farming on Pancake Swap and decided to record the whole thing… hopefully it helps someone!


The flow of the video…
1) Sell Ethereum based (ERC-20) tokens for cash
2) Buy BUSD and/or BNB
3) Send BUSD and/or BNB to Binance Chain Wallet (on Binance Chain Network (BEP-2))
4) Convert your BEP-2 tokens to BEP-20 by sending them to your Binance Smart Chain Network Address via the Binance Chain Wallet
5) Go to Pancake Swap’s exchange:
6) Buy whatever tokens you need to make a pair, in my case I purchased some USDC with half of my BUSD. (you need equal $ amounts of the tokens in order to farm with them, ie. $100 of USDC and $100 of BUSD)
7) Select the Liquidity option at the top of the Exchange:
8) Select both Stable Coins and Add Liquidity to get LP tokens
9) Go to Farms and search for the appropriate Farm
10) Click on the Stake LP Button
11) Harvest the yield (CAKE) every few days and stake it in the Auto-CAKE pool for additional yield!

Helpful videos:
– Binance Smart Chain for US Residents:
– Configuring MetaMask for the Binance Smart Chain:



  • Hey Nathan, would be great if you can also mention the risks involved in farming and staking… thank you 🙂

  • Smz

    Amazing! Gem info!

    I have one question, since u are farming stable coin pair, there is no risk of impermanence loss, right? If there is then what will be it like?
    (I am relatively new to farming concept, so plz help, thanks)

  • Question, I see on pancake swap you can stake stablecoins ust or tusd which are not only stable but been out for years and they are paying 80% interest, what is the catch/risk?! Seems like little to none so why such a high % and why isn't everyone doing this? $10k would pay out $8k per year?

  • great vid. It is nice to see you go through all the steps, with an actual account. I appreciate it.

  • Nice vid, you can send straight from binance to BCS which would streamline your process

  • JMX

    Great info – thanks

  • what apy you are earning in the showed pool??

  • Hey man, super helpful guilde and walkthrough thank you. When I look at the APR for the USDC-BUSD pair on Pancake swap it's 6.47%, how did you get to like 24%?

  • APR for this pair is down to 6.37% so its no longer a good investment. There are so many better APRs out there

  • You can use Ellipsis on BSC for minimal slippage USD stablecoin swapping. It's like Curve on ETH.

  • After you have staked/farmed will the stable coin still be domiciled in your binance wallet or permanently be in pancake exchange. Thanks

  • Hey what are your thoughts on holding some SafeGalaxy in advance of their upcoming exchange? They say it will offer staking and pools. Their swap isn’t even out yet, but I hear the first few days of a pool/stake can be the most lucrative based on APY.

    Just wanted to see what you thought about the idea.

  • wouldnt this be easier with Metamask?

  • I was just in pancake swap and don’t see this pair anymore. Are you still in this LP?

  • Couldn't you just buy and send USDC to trust wallet then swap?

  • @Nathan – Crypto Investing
    Maybe you have another video on it, what do you thing of Bunny Swap and Bunny token you get on Bunny swap? Since BUNNY was losing value in last month and also last 3 months, UNLIKE CAKE.
    Is BUNNY gonna arise… or go down — your opinion only, sure. Should I bother with bunnies or leave it and stick to CAKE, in simple terms. Thanks again! 🙂

  • Okay, this is starting to get a little bit too much/not worth any gains you make at this point. Lets see if I get this right:
    1. I have to have a binance smart chain wallet AND a binance chain wallet
    2. From Binance US I have to buy BUSD and BNB which I can ONLY SEND TO THE CHAIN WALLET from Binance US
    3. You then send everything over to your SMART CHAIN WALLET, making sure you have some BNB for transaction fees.
    4. you THEN convert half of your BUSD to USDC…

    MEANING: when you finally wanting to withdrawl (if this wasn't hacked by then), you would have to do ALL OF THIS IN REVERSE.
    this is borderline not worth it. Might do it anyway.

  • Great video! Do you have a discord server or insta or anything? Also wondering why some stablecoin only pairs on pancake have different APY advertised. I also noticed this one your farm is now currently only at 8-9percent instead of 16 like in this video 😩 that changed so fast

  • @Nathan – Crypto Investing
    Hi, great video. I'd like to do two things on Pancake Swap, to stake CAKE autofarm, and to stake CAKE and get UST. Since I don't have any CAKE, I have to buy it for both farms. What do you think of that? Good idea?
    I'm a total crypto novice, how much do you thing I should initially invest in these two farms?
    Please answer if you can.
    Thanks a lot! 👍😎

  • Is there a way I can contact you?

  • Maaaaan I start investing in crypto last spring and make life changing money 🙏but damn I thaught I knew something about decent tokens and sales and staking, but you just showed me whole another lever of yielding and farming, it seems hell a lot of hard, but I sure after couple yields here and there I’ll get use to it , I appreciate it it’s way way better then my Celsius 10% yields , and you got new subscriber🙏💪love your tutorial and your channel, keep it up brother 👊🏻🤝

  • Hi Nathan, thanks for the video share! I have a question, is stablecoin farming's Impermanent Loss almost equal zero?

  • What about taking some cake profits and put them to work over on blockfi?

  • Thank you for the math! I haven't seen anyone else explain it!

  • Thanks a lot for the video. I expected it to be simple but it kind of confirms my opinion that this crypto thing is extremely complicated, prone to errors – I cannot understand why there are two different chains for Binance and you have to pay attention to differentiate between them. Why can there simply not be just one to make the life for their customers/users easier? The APRs sound great but learning all of this is so time-consuming and doing it so stressful as you have to pay attention all the time to avoid costly errors.

  • Are you in any cake or bunny pools?

  • I will literally pay you to sit down so you can walk me through this step by step. I have decided to not put a huge chunk of my savings in a bank (it doesn’t make sense with how crypto is booming). Would it be possible to start a video tutorial for beginners like myself to follow? Thanks man!

  • HI Nathan, I wanna ask about the BNB Swap to WBNB on Pancakeswap. Can we save gas thru using Bianance wallet and swap from there?

  • Just started following you. Awesome channel. I love how you keep it so educational.

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