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  • To the Moon!!!!!! You are on Top of Your Game!!!! Thanks for Breaking this Down!!!!

  • It's clear banks will use their own digital stable coin virtual currency… And if they use Ripple net to transfer their stable coins the xrp crypto gains in value with every transfer made by stable coins from banks every single day using Ripple net. When xrp is market leader xrp will be worth 10.000 usd 1 xrp. If they will take 10% of the market its 1000 usd.. In worst case they take 1% and 1 xrp is 100 dollar. You must hold xrp for at least value of 25 dollar per xrp. This means if you hold on 50.000 xrps and don't trade or sell till the goal reached of 25 dollar and all xrp holders will buy and don't sell than we reach 25 dollar very very fast. The big guys want to own the big part of xrp.. That's why Ripple kept 55 billion xrps… The 45 billion xrp in trading if they where all in hands of you and me and we would hold this coin than we reach 50 dollar one xrp in 2 years…. That's why the telegram group surged to buy xrp and Hold….. Let's hope the message is clear for all of us.. Buy xrp and Hold it.. If Wales dump after a pump we must buy the coins back out their pockets!! We can only do that of we hold.. And keep buying back the coins after every dump… The moment Wales running out xrp coins and the majority of coins are in our hands than just as Btc the coin will explode in value!!

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  • I know your looking for views… but jeeeeeesh man!!!!

  • 667th comment cuz well…you know why.

  • i dont want to be eaten …. so i subscribed to the moon lambo !

  • Most people don't understand the concept of "buying the dip" buying the dip is all about buying digital assets when their prices are down and selling off when the price rises. Holding is profitable, although trading is far more profitable. I was able to grasp the knowledge of trading crypto assets early enough, but i was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding on how to analyse the digital market, all that changed when I encountered Mark’s services. Although i have been into numerous services but Mark stands out with experience and expertise playing in his favor. I must confess it wasn't an easy task to learning the routes on trading but with the assistance of Mark Jean it was more easier to understand, Here are his details on :Tel:egram: @Marktrading884 Remember a bullish market is reversed bearish market.

  • Unsubscribed because your titles are getting really wack

  • Yeah we dont like this tittle, if useless dont talk about it

  • What Moon Lambo sub, doesnt know by now, that the titles are exactly what he is about to destroy? Shows the societal shift we've had since the internet. Read the title and share as fact, or read the title and assume its fact.

  • Of course the silly people are gonna say that stuff over and over no matter how many times we correct them. If they refuse to learn, no sweat off my back. I cant tell you how many dozens of times someone has said "you have to stop thinking of XRP as a bridge, they'll have stablecoins". Why would I do that, when that is exactly what XRP is lol? I really don't see why this is so hard to understand.

  • If they can not support that many people on a government website WHAT will happen if everyone had crypto on their sites. They’ll CRASH DAILY 🤔

  • XRP will be declared a currency. Itll be used to transfer between the different CBDC.

  • Your reverse psychology is not so cool bro frfr… You do that shit again ima report your ass 😂😂😂

  • LTC flipped XRP and pocadote and cardano will flip XRP soon…. enjoy the decline that's XRP… the toxic waste byproduct of the pump and dump exit scam Ripple labs. It will go down as a bigger scam than bitconnect!!!

  • You’re good at your “hobby “. Thank you !

  • Am I the only one watching while eating a bojangles biscuit

  • You got your FUD titles (click bait)

  • J D

    So useless , why don’t you quit making all of your videos about it then ?

  • Can bitcoin be used in space? Or the moon? Or mars?

  • Yes been About 4 years we are getting there lol 😂 love your videos over the Years a huge thank you for All of them!

  • Even though your excited to share your content, its best just to be quiet as the world is listening, and all your doing is giving up your positions as world leaders make changes which makes things harder for you… wait for the storm to be over to capatalize than give up your pot of gold for petty likes…. think about it dude… wow.. once in a lifetime opportunity and you would hand your information over to world leaders… get a IQ

  • RJ

    Atomic wallet a good wallet to hold my XRP?

  • I keep thinking that I need to buy back my xlm

  • It appears many do not understand the use of a question mark.

  • Thanks for this video, all this ‘drama’ had me forgetting the solid tech and use case. Probably the first time I actually thought XRPs lunch might get eaten by XLM.

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