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  • I'm new to XRP and have a question, with all this promising news I listen/read daily, whats holding it back and currently pushing it down?

  • Today XRP GOING TO THE 🌝

  • The @ElrondNetwork is live and can process 15k TPS(!) NOW, with 1000x(!) lower cost than ETH.

    Decentralized finance is about to go to the next level.

    Here's last week in #elrondtech 👇

  • and yet the price is at 0.29 cents

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  • Looking at the ath of bitcoin, shouldn't XRP be at $2,50 by now?

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  • Just gonna leave this here. The On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) payment solution provided by Ripple, formerly known as xRapid, has seen strong growth in the second quarter of 2020. The transaction volume processed via ODL has increased 11-fold compared to the first quarter. Furthermore, the share of ODL in the total transaction volume of all payments processed by RippleNet has increased to 20%. But by all means trolls keep going with the narrative that no one is using it.

  • The world needs Moon Lambo Coin

  • You are extremely entertaining Mr. Moonlambo! And informative. Keep up the good work!

  • You know its funny we can come to YouTube daily to find about 30 new videos about XRP what could happen and price predictions. These videos are mind confusions . Its best to invest and close your computer

  • Obsverving the MOITA chart. . . is XRP mirroring in delay?????????

  • A K

    Didn't want to come here for this

  • Without doubt Bitcoin is a very easy means of making money, but I keep making so much losses on my personal Bitcoin Investments. Please can anyone recommend a good cryptocurrency expert to help me?

  • Don`t do what they say. Do what they do . Follow the money not the rumors 🙂

  • AC


  • What would you say that Rrs is making stable coins for some countries already?
    To me it looks like countries will use stable coins and xrp will be bridge between them.

  • Bitcoin as been exploding likewise the crypto market, to say the very least. Bitcoin surged from under 10,000 to as high as 11,151 lately. Over the past weeks, the asset has gained approximately 20% the best performance in many months, Bitcoin’s recent price action comes as a breath of fresh air for crypto traders, which had to deal with BTC flatlining in the 9,000s for around two and a half months. The leading crypto asset is attempting to pass the local highs of 11,743 of the breakout, this could be another opportunity for the crypto investors to stack more bitcoin now as we awaiting for the recession. apparently, I'm hodling enough BTC, ETH, XRP, on my chainlink, and reinvesting on the technical analysis under the supervision of Mr. Noah S. Garland an Economist and pro coach in the trading system, I was able to achieve 11btc with just 3.4btc invested in 1-month interval his pattern is so accurate and easy to adopt, you can easily reach him Telegram @CryptoCoinshares01 on his channel!

  • Hi crypto family I have 2 questions and please forgive my ignorance as I am new to the game. 1. I’ve been watching XRP transactions on fiatleak.com and I’ve noticed the vast majority of XRP is going to the USA and Korea and only small amounts are going elsewhere. Why is that? Question 2. I’ve recently bought some VeChain for the hype but I still cont wrap my mind around how it is a crypto currency and a tracking system at the same time. I understand both of these things separately but do not see how they combine. Could anybody explain this to me?

  • I’m looking for input. Head of OCC was with Coinbase. Is the USDC by Centre and Coinbase a competitive threat? Does this mean OCC + USDC = XRP decline? My XRPs want to know.

  • These bank people are fooling you.They will tell you the sky is falling and then get on an airplane.XRP will be the one they go to.Bitcoin fan boys will be crying in there cheerios!

  • I got hacked on Facebook then banned permanently for breaking the rules..
    I was promoting XRP for a year someone didn't like it..?
    Don't let them shut you up
    Keep up the good work u can see it on XRPEASY/ Facebook.com

  • I been saying it before xrp is way manipulated rich get rich and they don't want the poor to get rich.

  • After hearing btc and xrp are backed by gold in two interviews it’s only inevitable anything backed by gold has value how much value we will find out

  • XRP will blow up soon. don’t sell hold hold. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • Austin steinbart the man that claims to be Q. While in an interview says our currency will be backed by ripple.

    Interviewer asks about new financial system.

  • A digital US dollar kills XRP, it’s that simple. The only thing that matters is liquidity, which XRP has none and the US dollar has huge liquidity

  • If ripple/xrp was "in trouble" you wouldn't see top seat holding exec at Goldman sachs leave there to hop onto a sinking ship in ripple/xrp. Doesent make sense in most regards but hey who knows I'm no mind reader or Oracle 😉

  • Somebody tell me why anybody should invest in xrp or bitcoin for that matter …

  • It's all about the money… they has to ignore what they said before and have to go with the flow.

  • Xrp does everything in the ecosystem

  • The Bitcoin Maxi Troll voice always makes me laugh.

  • 👺MhmmhHmhmhm bitcoin👹

  • Xrp's actual real ODL use volume is really low. sorry !

  • Banks will not let you get rich. They will not adopt a currency like XRP held by millions of regular people. They will not be the one to FOMO into it many years later. Banks are not stupid. They will choose a stable coin or a coin of their own. They will not let you win. If you think that XRP will rocket to the moon because tons of banks work with Ripple, you are sorely mistaken. Last things banks want is to bump up a cryptocurrency and make you rich. Cryptos are a dime a dozen and XRP is not much different or any better than any other fast crypto currency. You guys are delusional if you think XRP will make you rich.

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