Why Stablecoins Aren't As "Stable" As You Think (Mostly Tether)

There’s a bit problem with Tether, and an even bigger problem with stablecoins in general. And just so you know, this video is absolutely paid FUD.

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One comment

  • I subscribed ages ago :} wasn't for the reward. surprised this video is not getting more likes. keep up the good content.

    I was watching coin bureau's channel back when they were still 10k viewers. so you will get there too one day :}

    yes i learned about usdt issue of concern. Seeing as there is BUSD, USDC, i did not personally feel the need to use usdt. so i've been avoiding it. why hold a hot potato ready to explode at any time, when you don't need that risk at all.

    USDC is gaining more traction vs USDT. As more and more people realize about usdt's dodgy background.

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