Who Benefits from Different Defi Stablecoins?

Reviewing recent innovations and current risks in decentralized finance stablecoins. (watch at 1.5-2x speed)

I hesitated to publish this video since 1) the space is complex and changing incredibly quickly making it difficult to provide a full up to date picture, and 2) some of my candid concerns about the stability & design decisions of projects with passionate communities and high valuations may not appreciate attention brought to their potential risks.

In the end, I decided it’s worth publishing because 1) there is currently a lot of publicity and fear surrounding the recent TITAN collapse, 2) I hadn’t yet seen content emphasizing a user-centric view of defi-born stablecoins, 3) this is an important period in history to openly discuss underlying principles, evaluation criteria, and the kinds of stablecoins we want to see succeed long term from a community perspective.

DISCLAIMER: Algorithmic stablecoins are complex and there may be additional safety measures or risks I was not aware of for some projects covered here. My motivation for this video was to share lessons learned and potentially share new criteria for evaluating stablecoins that folks might have not considered yet. If I’m mistaken about anything let me know in the comments.

For new & older subscribers wondering what my channel is about: I’m not planning on posting ongoing defi-centric content. At this time, this is more of a 1-off video attempting to share lessons learned & contribute to an important discussion currently evolving in decentralized finance.

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