What Jay Powell Just Said About Bitcoin and Stable Coins

Fed Chief Jerome Powell testifying before congress over inflation, bitcoin, and more.

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  • <🌘 I admire the efforts u put in your videos mate, digital currencies continues to reshape the world globally, its hard for for anyone going against them these days, though from a trader's perspective i feel we really need more experts in the field updating newbies / lnvesttors on how the community works. crypto currencies are gradually moving towards something big and the price surge over the past few months is just the beginning of greater things to come. lots of persons are skeptical on when to buy-in the market and whether it isn't too late to buy an asset, when you're hodling it could be but when trading its never too late to buy. a trader with the right strategy and indicators earns big regardless of market price (bulls or bears). I trade using signals from trade expert Mrs Michelle Rene Lucy with her guide and signal service i 've made over 27B TC worth of crypto assets over some months. only for crypto inclined issues ,, connect her on ͲҽӀҽ ցɾ ąʍ @ (Renelucy)

  • I don’t understand why bitcoin is not a hedge against stocks and a US dollar. Every time the stock market drops bitcoin and crypto drops with it.

  • "that certainly is an argument for it" …Boston MIT , WITH A dIGITAL dOLLAR THERE WILL BE NO NEED for Stable Coins .Krona ?
    The train has left the station ,Grayscale EFT based on Bitcoin holdings ,worldwide gold reserves ,diamonds ,intrinsic stores of wealth Other than traditional Stock market shares.
    HOLO HOT $555

  • You could not be more wrong on the digital currency.
    For emergency purposes? Really? You didn’t think that through too much did you?
    Wha the US needs to do is reform and modernise its entire banking system.
    You do not need a digital currency to perform bank to bank transfers (that are done digitally), you need a banking system that works at the federal level across state borders.
    Digitising banks is not the same as a digital currency.
    And you’ve missed the most critical (unaddressed) think about digital currency, which is, as they stand they are just a digital fiat currently. So Fed can still go Brrrr, but now more easily via a digital currency.

  • The banks can lower the mortgages, that's not outside their scope of power. All those empty bank owned homes sitting there, while the people sleep on the street. Not too dysfunctional at all.

  • Asking the Fed Chair anything about the economy is like asking a burglar how you might renovate your home that he has just robbed.

  • Jay Powell with all his assets still gives more to investing.. I also choose investing and invested $1,000 with melissa_investment and earned $8,800 which has helped me escape poverty; and I keep making my six figures through her trading strategy. don’t sleep on it, Crypto investment could make you rich.

  • That rip those people that are hurting out there with housing have it rip do to covid 19 when there should be something in place to help them.And left drop threw the cracks.They forgive pay on the housing just like going do student loan to help people.

  • Yea my ex husband is getting about 7 cheques for me and our kids and keeping them for him self

  • So from a statistically significant sample of ballot boxes in georgia, they found a 60% error rate.

    Trump got 75m votes.
    Biden got 80m votes.
    Take 60% of Biden votes and give them to Trump.

    60%x80m = 48m
    75m+48m = 123m

    Huh….would you look at that. 120m votes for Trump 😉

  • Sorry ,the people need more as the Republicans call it free money ,people need to pay there bills caused by this shutdown .in Florida the virus numbers r getting high again good old ron desantis will lie and say everything is fine but we all know its not .ron only cares about the money and not the people .i hope he will be kucked to the curb and soon amd have doneone run for governor who cares

  • Thanks to grandpa Joe everything reeks inflation, good thing is people are getting to know cash/fiat is pretty much stone age at this point, it is designated to fail eventually, 3 BEST and surprisingly easy ways to double or hold your funds in 2021; Real Estate, Gold, Who can guess the 3rd??

  • Another FED Congress charade to fool the public, no mention about Wall St buying up homes with such low interest, or that their main client is Wall St not main st. No wonder, trust and faith is eroding rapidly in the mainstream institutions such as FED, Wall St, big pharma, big media etc.

  • If the rich pay there taxes we wouldnt have a debt

  • Clayton, check out ThisisJohnWilliams channel, you will discover many more true things with what is really going with real estate and their agendas.

  • If we just have digital currency how can I give money to a homeless person?

  • Inflation is not transitory. Such a joke smh!

  • Flashbacks of 2008 🤔

  • RT

    Big businesses are making a killing. Expect inflation to last until they are tired of making money.

  • ID for crypto, planes, cigarettes, booze however you can vote with no verification . JUST NUTS!

  • if there's an axie infinity manager here i am applying as scholar..i have stable wifi at home so i can grind and do battles for your axies..

  • It's all bullshit!!! Throughout the Obama administration, Janet Yellen frequently stated that inflation back then was transitory, yet home and rental prices have continued to skyrocket over the last 10 years… Rent prices have doubled in many cities throughout the US… Inflation is not transitory and the people most affected by inflation are individuals who do not own homes or assets – which is many millennials and gen Z….

  • The concern is that Blackrock is using the zero cost money they get their hands on to buy up houses. Pricing the average Joe out of the market, but leveraging that free money into massive profits.

  • COVID screwed up the Supplied Chain. In most cases, there are very few “shortages” of goods, just the means of transport. The prices of Fuel and Used Cars are going to come down. My two cents analysis is this is way over hyped and most institutional investors understand this. $10 buck grapes still suck. Plant a vine. It’s easy, cost nothing, and they are much cheaper, fresh and delicious….low carbon foot print as well.


  • I didn't want the government to get involved with Crytpo, but with all these scams going on in the Crypto world I am now leaning towards wanting the government to get involved to a point. With the SAVETHEKIDS scam, that realy upset me on how anyone with a soul could use kids, or anything to do with kids or the mention of kids to run a dang scam. Smh

  • Notice he doesn’t mention Black Rock buying up homes.

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