What is Binance Liquid Swap (BSwap) and How to Use It | #Binance Official Guide

💡 Binance Liquid Swap(or BSwap) is based on the principle of “liquidity pool” to exchange crypto assets. Traders who add liquidity to the pool by adding funds will earn fees generated by the pool transactions and enjoy interests in cryptos. In this short guide, we will show you how to use it to earn your cryptos by providing liquidity on the Binance exchange.

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  • May I remove swap in future trade?

  • Consult .. I put shiba in liquid swap of binance. I only put shiba in the shib / usdt pair. Between when it was at the lowest … Now that it went up … I have no profit, it is more at the time of requesting the refund only in shiba, it gives me much less shiba than I put in. Why?? Tell me ? The pnl is positive.

  • WARNING!!! People don't fall for this "scam" I lost 2k in 3 days and my coins went down so fast that I pulled them out with major loss. DON'T DO THIS!!!!!!

  • I was so surprised by my earnings in BNB Liquid Swap, I never expected it to be so big. in 4 Days, my 2.6 bnb became 3 bnb. I made 0.4 BNB = $260 in just 4 days.

  • since there is no claim button to remove unrealized positive npl, there's no point to leave asset in pool as the npl can become negative and you loose money, so this is not like a savings accounts where profits are automatically added, you have to remove assets to collect your profit as there's no profit claim button. Since removing profit can incur fees, then there is really not much money that can be made even when npl goes up. Leaving money there will not accumulates profit like saving account as npl goes up and down. You only make money when price of coin increases and when you take out assets, so this is really not profitable at all because if you only stake your coin in savings account you can make more money and you don't have to worry about adding and removing assets on time and you don't have to worry about impermanent loss

  • You add 500 BUSD/USDT but then you can only remove 346? What am I missing? Can anybody explain?

  • When do you get the unrealized PNL? After removing the liquid swap position? I saw that it constantly changes on a daily basis. Does it get accumulated or does it show me the unrealized PNL since I opened that liquid swap position?

  • Hi
    can u swap others or does it has to be bitcon and money??
    lets say ethe to dogo?

  • Hi I would like to ask now my liquidity swap unrelised pnl has reached -60% what should I do? Should I redeem or wait?
    Thank you

  • Is this riskier than staking?

  • What happens with the profits generated when being a liquidity provider? Do they get added into your spot account as a ratio of the two pairs invested? Or do they get reinvested on top of your initial investment into your pool share thus compounding your investment? For example if you invest 5 ETH / 5000 BUSD in the liquidity pool will your spot account to increase by 0.0001 ETH and 3 BUSD the following day or will your liquid pool investment increase to 5.001 ETH / 5003 BUSD? (The numbers from my example aren't precise, they're made up just to show what I'm talking about). I also realize the ratio of ETH / BUSD changes daily as well.
    Also, in the example above, is the only possible loss from the value of ETH dropping? Or are there any other risks involved? If that's the only risk, and you can remove your shares at any time, it seems like a great deal in a sideways market.

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  • This is nice but when do we know when to redeem our liquidity from the pool? The PNL can decrease too, and I wouldn't like to lose my PNL without being on my phone all day long?

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