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Top 10 Ways To Get Web Traffic

Top ways to get web traffic

Without Web Traffic your website is dead to the world! Therefore getting Web Traffic is an essential aspect of whatever online activity or business you partake in. For that reason advertising has grown to become among the top 3 industries on the internet. For instance, you’ve built a website or you have information online that you would like other people to access in hopes that that information will produce a response. That response could be as simple as coming back for more information in the future, subscribing to an offer, or even better; purchase a product or service. To that end, carful consideration should be given to the type of traffic that you would like to attract to your website.

There are many ways to get the traffic that you need. It all depends on the quality of the traffic that you get in order to produce the results that you need. If you want quick low quality traffic you can buy it using Traffic Programs such as Pay-To-Click, And Traffic Exchanges. If you want high quality traffic you can also buy it using Search Engine Pay-Per-Click(PPC) or you can put allot of time and effort into optimizing it for the Search Engines to see it and give you priority in searches.

10 Offline Promotions. Create buzz about your website by using flyers, business cards, posters, and even word of mouth. Offline advertising may also include TV and Radio but the cost factor is critical to their success.

9 Classified and Text Ads. Classified advertising originated in print media such as news papers and magazines. They are usually text-only notes that consist of a catchy headline followed by a short description of the product or service. Classified advertising expanded from print media to the Internet in the early years of internet marketing and are an integral part of its growth and development. Though their popularity has waned over the years they are still the base of many very popular online ad sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji.

8 Banners. Banner advertising has been around in internet marketing since day one. Although their popularity and effectiveness has declined over the years it is still possible to get good traffic by using them. Their effectiveness is also linked to their design with the Flash types being the most affective. There are several ways to use Banners such as in the place of a link or in banner exchanges.

7 Safelists And Emailing. Due to the prevalence of Spam email marketing has become the most hated form of advertising. The only acceptable ways to use email to generate traffic is to either use a Signature ad at the end of an email form or to join a Safelist. A safelist is an exclusive partnership between a group of people who agree or opt-in to exchange emails between one another. Partnerships in Safelists can be limited to a few people or thousands of people. I have found that the most effective are ones with limited membership. That way your email has a better chance of getting read by the other partners.

6 Traffic Generating Software. Software developers have being trying to conquor web traffic for years. Unfortunately due to search engine regulations the use of such programs are not welcomed. The reason is because of the advertising programs(Adsense) of web giants such as Google. Traffic is encouraged to be personal and unique to IP. Although they are still used to generate large amounts of low quality traffic such software programs are mostly used to auto submit content and to automate the process of placing ads.

5 Traffic Programs. Traffic programs are Pay-Per-Click(PPC), Pay-To-Click(PTC), Traffic Exchanges(TE), and Viral Ad programs. All these methods are used to deliver massive amounts of traffic. However, the only one considered by Search Engines to be quality traffic is PPC. If you are selling products and services online the most effective and recommended traffic program to use is PPC. If you simply want to spread information then use any of the rest.

4 Blogging. Originally a known a web-log, Blogs come in many and varied forms. In internet marketing Blogs may be used to generate traffic for a particular product or service. Create frequent well written articles optimized with several “key words” about a product will attract visitors who are searching for your product or service through Search Engines such as Google. As long as it is not too overtly indorsing of a product your Blog articles wont get labeled as Splog (spam blog). Spread your information out into several articles about different aspects of the same product. Also, remember to add one or two URL links in the text of the article directing the reader to the product.

3 Link Building. Link Building or Back Linking takes time and lots of effort but the resulting exposure and traffic flow will make it all worth while. Back Linking involves getting the URL link of your website placed on different websites across the internet. The key to effective linking is to find websites with similar content as yours to link to. People who are browsing a site about cars are less likely to click your link if you are advertising Cell Phones.

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2 Social Media and Forums. Social media has a short but very effective history. Social media enables users to interact in real time and to also form and join groups of users with similar interests to interact and exchange information and ideas. Sites such are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have captured the attention of hundreds of millions of internet users. Getting your information in front of just a fraction of those users can result in a massive traffic surge to your website. Research and find ways to effectively use the many forms of Social Media such as: Bookmarking, Video sharing, discussion Forums, Groups, and membership sites such as Facebook,

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the least known about but most effective traffic generating method. SEO takes a very long time but delivers quality traffic from Search Engines to your website. SEO involves making your website “visible” to the Search Engines so that they will put your site in higher priority when it comes to delivering traffic. SEO involves: Meta Tag generation, Key-word research, Site Submission, even Blog Pinging.

Putting in the time will eventually yield the rewards however, if you have no time or interest in SEO there are services available that will do the work for you. You can even pay your way onto the top of search results. It all depends on your budget.

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