Ways to Make Money on Your Free Time

Whether you’re studying, working a nine-t0-five job or a stay-at-home mother/father, there’s a very high chance that one, you don’t have that much spare time to play around with and, two, you’re often looking for ways you can make some extra cash. Fortunately for you, in this day and age, there happen to be plenty of ways you can bring in some extra income without having to use so much of your extra time. Just a tad bit here and there will do. Anyway, let’s go on and take a look at how you can make money during your spare time.
1. Blogging
Arguably one of the most rewarding ways of how to make money online is blogging or producing content for a blog or website. The content marketing industry is literally blowing up and those that have the ability to produce informative written content on a blog or website can potentially make a lot of extra income. Furthermore, this realm can allow for your passion for specific subjects to be put to work which means you can literally earn from what you love doing.
2. Become a Mystery Shopper
Mystery shopping, which is also commonly referred to as secret shopping, is when you’ve been contracted to go into a restaurant, store or any other business operation to look like a customer. Yes, people actually get paid to do this. The mystery shopper is usually directed to buy something, take notes on the customer service they got, judge the quality of service and so on and so forth. Sometimes, they might end up being told to do something a bit more specific like make a return or check how clean the bathrooms are. Either way, once they’ve done the job they get paid.

3. Sell Unwanted Items
If you think your house is filled with stuff you don’t need, know that all that stuff your sitting on there might just turn out to be a gold mine. Take a very close look at what you have sitting in your wall closets or what’s collecting dust in your house and sell all that stuff. You can start by selling unwanted films and books, then move on to selling your gently-used clothing apparels. You can also sell the textbooks you don’t need anymore. In fact, these have the potential of bringing in a lot of extra cash because they’re usually very expensive.
4. Airbnb
If you have some extra living space in your home or you plan on being away for a while, then you might want to consider becoming a host on Airbnb. It’s actually become one of the best ways of making an extra buck for those willing to rent out their personal living space. You can let travelers rent out your space, knowing you have a one million dollar insurance cover in property damage protection.
Remember, burnout is a very real thing, so try as much as you can to do only what you can do. Besides, being tired all the time will reduce productivity, which could eventually negatively affect your overall work situation. Your side hustle shouldn’t interfere with your main streams of income. With that said, hopefully, this article has shown you how you can get started with making some extra income part-time.

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