Watermine Exit Scam Plan – We Were Hacked! – Investors Must Pay Additional $500 Fee | Withdrawals

Apparently Watermine.io has gone down the fake “We Got Hacked” road and are blaming investor losses to this ‘internal’ issue.

Here is a notice they sent out:

Watermine was hacked yesterday by an newly added email support member. They have been hacking users account the last few days and last night.

The stole all instant withdrawals that was million of dollars by adding fake funds using the administration panel.

We were hesitant to add more support members however, we wanted users to have more support to assist with questions or concerns.

We are handling the situation. Currently, we are trying to determine how many accounts were hacked thats why payments are currently pending. If we will enable instant payments again more account may lose money.

Your financial growth partner
Watermine.io Corporation Limited administration
1st June 2021

-2 Step Security Authentication Removed?
Then problems started?

-Investors are asked to pay $500 fee to get access to withdrawals?

Get all the facts by watching this Watermine Update Video.

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  • Guys work so hard to make your money dollar by dollar, pound by pound and then freely give their money to scammers over the internet, this is just unbelievable Gee, you drag all your friends and family members into this shit. How much the BLACK community is going to lose to the SCAM, no one will know, but collectively, Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.
    Please stop listening to random people on the internet telling you how to make money. Pick up a book and read about investing.

  • MsJ

    Dear Waterminers,
    I'm really sorry for your loss but you all need to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Your precious watermine was not hacked, it was a scam. Let me ask you this question.
    If an employee hacked into the system and stole millions as claimed. Why haven't they brought in the police? Hmmm? Why are they not updating their precious investors? as they did previously on the website. Look….I hate to break it to you but watermine was never a UK company, sure it was registered in the UK but anyone with half a brain cell knows you can register a company for £30 within 24 hours. The people behind watermine are dirty SCAMMERS and they are based in Africa. Nigeria to be precise and right now, they are laughing at you all.
    They are never coming back. These types of scam are the rage right now and it works because of dirty youtubers who cash in on the referrals.
    Shame on youtubers who promote these scams knowing fully well its shortlived and for all those who lost money…..WAKE THE HELL UP and stop investing in these trash crypto scams.

  • I tried to tell people. But they want to follow the money flashes , that only flash money an don't care about yoy

  • People got upset with me when I told them that Watermine was a scam 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Getting into crypto is the best way to gain financial freedom

  • Investing rightly today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future

  • crowdmining did the same, asked people to invest, then after 2 weeks they stopped, is same scam methode

  • Don't invest in Watermine. Withdrawals not going through. I lost 9k

  • I am so glad that I didn't get into Watermine. They're pretending to be hacked to steal people's money.

  • Someone mentioned who owned this site, I'll need to double check

  • Why do they give these statements, so that we dont withdrawal before they block all withdrawals? i mean when you decide to scam like in sha-256 case, why come up with a shitty statement….just to refrain us from closing the contracts and withdrawing.
    guess its the same rule book being followed by these scamming websites.

  • similar to the sha 256 io and live websites

  • CIM

    They are still being duped. Lol..

  • Bro the director’s name is Marcel Werner. Stop with the lies to get people to click your affiliate link. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • No I don't believes it was a hack because it's literally everyone's account. How can it be everyone ?

  • All the messages they send out are not grammatically correct. Whoever sends the messages out doesn't use English well, Which is okay but something I observed as an affiliate and investor made me feel this is not a professional company because a professional company wouldn't make that mistake.

  • I came into the investment being hopeful and being realistic. That it is a risk and may possibly be a scam and I may not get all my money back or I may make thousands back. This could have been their intention this entire time or maybe they were actually hacked. I know watermine will be 1 yr in august.

  • Lol do you even no how money is being made on watermine before you assume
    they don’t have enough revenue to pay up?

    Do research about sha256 and learn about hashrate mining and then come back before spreading fud…

    Mining has unlimited money go learn your facts

  • I just checked their site and saw the two FA security setting you alleged they removed is still there..Why don't you do your research properly before going public?I invested in watermine and still hopeful I will get my money back..THANKS

  • I can't wait for Watermine and CashFX to go off line, thats the only way people can realise they were scammed.

  • Where did you see that. You kidding?

  • Where did you get this information from? Cause I don’t see anything about a $500 fee nor is people who are still posting videos are not talking about this as we speak.

  • So Qubitlife tricked people into making one last round of deposits before they dropped their bombshell. They did this by consolidating referral bonuses with passive income and many promoters suddenly found out they had to make new deposits to be eligible for bonus payout. I posted a video on this today.

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