Upnomix Review – Legit Casino Investment Business or Big Scam?

Upnomix Review.

On their website there is no information about who runs or owns this company, platform and system legally.

Both of the addresses that they supply on the footer of their website is inconclusive (see video).

One address goes to the headquarters of Regus (a virtual and physical office provider) and the other in South Africa, the number they use can not be found.

This leads me to believe that who ever owns and runs this company is doing their very best to stay hidden from the public.

I have also noticed that they are using fiverr type of testimonial videos on their official you tube channel where it seems that the people are reading off of a script.

Then there is the issue of the photo shop lettering being added to exotic cars through video editing.

Watch this full review of Upnomix before you join.

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