Traffic Cataclysm Review And Bonuses | 🔥 Learn How Jasdeep made $68k in one month on Facebook 🔥

Hi there, my name is luke. Welcome to my review of traffic cataclysm, and today i’m going to be reviewing this product. It shows how a guy called jessie made sixty eight thousand dollars, sixty eight thousand seven hundred and forty eight dollars by using only free buyer traffic, and this is traffic that he gets from, believe it or not.

Facebook not youtube which it’s kind of a brand new sort of feature. That was kind of method for me, because i’ve sort of seen this done before. But the way that he does. It is a little bit different and you can get some really really awesome results for schools, so it just sounds like a good course that you’d like to hear more about uh, and you’d like to grab yourself a coffee.

Now feel free to click on the first link in the description box below that will bring you to my website here. You can easily just click on this button right here to grab traffic cataclysm plus my excuse of bonuses, and what will happen? Is it’ll, bring you through to the sales page right here, just to scroll down click on here and that will take you through to the warrior plus um secure checkout and you can purchase there now.

As for my bonuses, i will go through those first um. Firstly, bonus number one: i’m, actually going to give you a free copy of profits engine now this product came out back in may or april. Around that time, skype inspired, guy could guy protect and what he did was almost the same thing as what jsc did.

However. Yes, it goes into it way more detail and has a lot more things to do this one here. He basically no method that he uses is really cool um. It’s using facebook groups and canon facebook, page and yeah um the method he teaches along the lines that are the same as the actual course itself here.

So i’m. Going to give you a copy of that for free. Normally it’s about 1295, but today, but if you choose to buy and purchase traffic, cataclysm feel free to just click on either one of these orange buttons or the button at the top.

And that will take you through the sales page, where you can click on that button and buy it uh bonus number two is ninja fb advertising and retargeting tactics. So this will teach you quite a few bit about how to advertise on facebook as well as retargeting, and what that’s all about and what are some good um tactics to use now bonus number three: i’ve included a adwords Retargeting tutorial as well, and that one will just teach you all about ads with google and how to retarget on that as well, so that’s.

My bonuses there for um traffic cataclysm again, if you want to grab a copy click on the first link in the description box below i’ll. Take you through to this page and you just click on get my grab traffic cataclysm, plus my exclusive bonuses.

So we come through this web page here, which is the sales page for the recorded training um. Now i’ll. Let you go through the sales page yourself: it’s quite a long one, but um here’s. Glcp earning 600.

live on stage. It’s, a video you guys can watch um there’s. A couple of testimonials and stuff and how to get ahead anyway, here’s inside the members area. This is what you, where you guys, always on today, um.

So you got your welcome screen. So your congratulations and then watch us before starting and of course you got domain training itself. Now i’ve only watched a little bit of the main training, but i can tell you it’s very, very awesome, and there’s a lot of stuff to learn.

I still need to go through the other half of the training, but it’s absolutely well worth it, especially for 1295, and you ‘ Ve got a bonus of sales mastery, so it ‘ Ll teach you things like how to literally sell anything directly from facebook, since your social account with examples and how to sell via dm conversations.

I am making big high ticket sales and how to build a unique personal brand on social media, which is what i think everyone should be doing these days now, that’s, the actual course in a nutshell, and that is basically my review done um.

So, for the final time, if you do want to grab a copy of traffic cataclysm and see how jersey made 68 000 in a month, um click on the link in the description box below it’ll. Bring you through to this page click on grab traffic, cataclysm plus my access and bonuses that will take you through to the sales page, and then you can click here to get in some access.

We’ll, go through the um warrior, plus secure checkout, and that’s, how you can purchase the um product itself. Now there’s, one other thing i need to go through and that’s. The actual sales funnel itself um pricing and one-time offers, so the pricing for the course is 12.

95 12.95 cents. That’s for the front end product uh, your first oto, the cataclysm hack, is forty seven dollars and then downstairs three seven and six. You’ll, get here full case study of how google ads expert turns penny clicks into big ticket commissions, which is like giving you the adwords um retargeting thing there to learn from as well um that’s, the bonus uh.

This has never been revealed before and has potential to scale your income to the next level and say that we’re, paying thousands to get this legal ads expected to teach us the secrets. So it’s, pretty big and still here at 47.

. Okay, so number two is seven times income. Now, so you you will get to resell six of our past twenties and get a hundred percent commission from all of them. So this is the show. I’ll, show you this of all your previous products, and you can choose many of them to use the traffic cataclysm method and cash and twice the amount of money.

So the pass for this is 97 and the down sell is 67. at number. Three is unlimited traffic; basically they take your facebook, pixel and or your google pixel, and they will put it onto their page and as um in a couple hours when it goes live there’s, only tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of People heading there having their sales feeders and if you’ve got your pixel on there.

You can re-target all those people again for all trolls to achieve, like you know, under five cents, a click sort of cheap and you can do that and yeah be able to maybe even sell your own products or advertise whatever part you want really so that price Says 197 dollars you see the down.

Sale is ninety seven dollars, uh 88 number, four gfi so done for you, income funnel so yeah. It says it’d, be important! Don’t. You found a funnel piercing made by us now with us. I think you need a clickfunnels account.

Um i’ve, actually included my link, my affiliate link for getting a clickfunnels account. If you want to get one yourself, i mean you’ll, be happy to me and my videos here, but um as it is an affiliate link that i’ll, be posting down here.

Um, however yeah the advantage. Is you get to import this funnel? If you do buy in this particular upsell, you do get to import the funnel itself into click funnels, and then you can just reword it and re-change everything around to whatever your product.

Is that you’re saying and oh yeah now, ato number five is resell rights, so you can sell. You can resell traffic categories if it’s your own product, so basically what they do is they give you 100 commissions on each and every single product and and the um.

I’m serious, so yeah anyway, that’s. Uh and that will cost 97 and that’s, the end of that. So this, which is the end of my uh review for traffic cataclysm um. This here, is just gonna, be my review, video that i’m doing now.

Creating now that’s, the review um but yeah again, if you want to um purchase traffic cater for some investment bonuses, click on the first link in the description box below and then click on here grab traffic cataclysm that’s.

My access to bonuses, i’ll, bring you through to the sales page. You click on, get into access and away you go that will take you through to the secure or you must check out where you can purchase. So, after all that, thank you very much for watching everybody um.

If you would like, if you like, my reviews, feel free to hit the subscribe button and also leave a like as well. And if you know you just you know more than a number and yeah. I will see you on my next video


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