Traffic Authority Review – Watch This Video Before You Join or Buy Traffic!

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1. Traffic Optimizer – $27 a month ($20/month commissions) – traffic tool
2. Traffic Academy – $97 a month ($50/month commissions) – traffic education
Affiliate Fee – $20 a month

3. TRAFFIC PACKAGES (the pricing is approximate and will be updated soon)
• Basic (price – $220 for 180 clicks) $100 commission
• Bronze (price – $440 for 350 clicks) $200 commission
• Silver (price – $660 for 550 clicks) $300 commission
• Gold (price – $1097 for 950 clicks) $500 commission
• Platinum (price – $2197 for 1800 clicks) $1000 commission
• Titanium (price – $4297 for 3700 clicks) $2000 commission
• Diamond (price – $8000 for 8300 clicks) $4000 commissions (This is the level I currently positioned myself.)

I recommend to stretch yourself to join at the highest level you can to get more traffic, to position yourself to get the highest commissions as possible, and also stretch yourself inwardly to take this business more seriously to get results online.

If you are thinking of joining Traffic Authority or buying traffic online, then watch this video where I share with you the 3 steps to succeed online.

Before you buy traffic, you need to follow my 3 steps to success online which is called M-C-T method.

M stands for Mindset.
C stands for Conversions.
T stands for Traffic.

You want to get your mindset right in order to have the confidence to go out there and take action consistently and persistently.

Then, you want to set up your conversions right as well. That means to do whatever it takes to do things UNIQUELY to stand out from everyone else promoting what you are promoting.

Then, you want to start driving traffic to your converting system online.

If you just buy traffic without having a high converting system, then you will lose money so make sure to get your CONVERSIONS set up the right way.

By the way, I am giving a 100% free turnkey website/system for ALL Traffic Authority members!

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Talk soon,
BJ Min

Traffic Authority Review – Watch This Video Before You Join Traffic Authority or Buy Traffic!


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