The Truth Behind Ministry of Freedom Affiliate Marketing Course- CEO Jono Armstrong spills the beans

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18:09😢so How did the founder of M.O.F go from Zero 4:58 to Hero? 17:44
26:53 Clearly Jono’s wife Cece is strength and the Camera behind This Super Affiliate Guru. ( she’s the hottie holding the camera on the thumbnail)

Here’s some useful inside info in an interrview where Jono Armstrong spills the beans on the secret behind Ministry of Freedom:

28:30 About Ministry of Freedom….What is it
It’s an Affiliate Marketing Course.

23:17 But Is it worth it?

Yes and No. Yes if you are committed and consistently do exactly what they tell you to do. No, if your lazy and inconsistent. You have to take action on a consistent basis, meaning action done in the same way over time and ask for support when you need it.

BE REALISTIC- Although people have made four figures in the first week that’s not likely to happen for you without prior training. Altough many have You may not make any money in the first moth or two but by the third month you will be successful

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For broke newbies, it’s basically a $2000 launch jacking course and although I’ve made money doing it, if you don’t like launch jacking method you’re stuck. However as seen below, Marc Gray a MOF coach taught me how to not promote B.S and if you are willing to do 1-3 launches a day you will succeed!


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About Jono Armstrong
In this Help me Ronda show she’s interviewing Indonesian ex-famous rockstar & celebrity – Jonathan Armstrong who’s now CEO and Founder of The Ministry of Freedom!

Jonathan Armstrong (also called Jono) and his company have generated millions of dollars online since 2017. He is responsible for creating financial freedom for hundreds of his students, many of which are now 6-Figure earners.

In this interview, Jono accompanied by his wife @tjietje shares with us his inspirational story of how he overcame some really hard times from battling drug abuse & juggling careers to becoming an incredibly successful entrepreneur.

Hope it inspires you!
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Here is another Affiliate course you can try called SFM which stands for Six-Figure-Mentors

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