The Best Online Will Making Programs

Rather than walking into an attorney’s office and paying a high hourly rate, there are many online will options to help you create a will from the comfort of your own home at a reasonable price. These will makers aim to aid with everything from a basic household plan to an intricate estate. Finding the right will maker software for your family situation can streamline the process and allow you to have everything in order for your heirs. The Best Online Will MakersRegardless of the size of your estate, having a will in place can help your loved ones easily determine how to distribute your assets. The following programs can help you create a will online and provide other estate planning solutions.Quicken WillMaker & TrustIf you want everything for a customized estate plan in one place, Quicken provides software to create a will, financial power of attorney, living trust and other estate-related documents. Everything comes in a package that costs $89.99 to download. A questionnaire guides you through the process of deciding which documents you need. The most up-to-date 2020 version has free legal updates to keep the program current through 2020.LawDepotFor a will in a hurry, LawDepot offers to help you create a document in just five to 10 minutes. If you have questions, you can call, email or chat online through the site’s help center. To purchase the will, you can start a free trial, which gives you free access to all legal documents on the site for one week. You’ll also be able to download more than 150 legal document templates that are usable in all 50 states. After that, you’ll pay $33 a month. You can cancel at any time.Do Your Own WillIf you’re looking to spend as little as possible, Do Your Own Will provides a free way to make a will. By answering questions, you create a simple will. You can then download the document as a Word or PDF file. There are also other estate planning documents available for free, including a pet guardian trust and power of attorney. While the services are free, the site states that if you have a complicated estate, it may be useful to seek legal counsel and use other estate planning tools.US Legal WillsTo manage assets outside of the U.S. or set up specific instructions for loved ones, you can create a will through US Legal Wills. The online will-making tool asks questions about your estate to help you line up information your executor can use to properly distribute assets. You can also tap into additional features, such as a mirror capability that lets you share data between spousal accounts. You’ll pay $39.95 for a will, along with additional charges for services such as setting up a power of attorney or storing documents for longer than a year.FabricTo make a will without having to sign up for anything or create an account, you can use Fabric’s free online will tool. If you have a basic estate or simple family situation, the service could be a good fit. After answering a few questions, you can print the will and make it legally binding. While the service is free, the site also sells life insurance policies for a range of prices.FreeWillYou can use FreeWill to help you create a document in just 20 minutes. As you work through the steps, if you realize that your estate is more complex than you initially perceived, you can still benefit from the site. FreeWill provides free forms you can fill out to take to an attorney, which can save time and funds. The site states that you might want to pair its services with a lawyer if you have a larger estate, a child with special needs or complicated family dynamics.Tomorrow.meIf you want to make a simple will on your phone, you can download Tomorrow. This will service is available as an iOS, Android and web app. The app was designed with input from Tomorrow’s network of 52 attorneys. Once the will is finished, you’ll be able to print off the document from your phone and have it notarized at a nearby UPS or FedEx store. The basic will-making service is free. You can also upgrade to Tomorrow Plus for $39.99 a year, which includes additional legal features such as setting up a living trust.WillingIf you think you might be able to create a will online but fear that your estate is too complex, Willing offers a quick questionnaire. You can fill it out in minutes and see if the site’s will tool will work for you. If you opt to create a will with this service, the process is efficient. To learn about the will process and better understand estate planning, Willing offers a learn center. You can read through articles to gain insight into which documents you’ll need and the approach to estate planning that will work best for you. For $69, you can get a last will and testament, living will and durable power of attorney.GentreoFor a complete estate planning service that is customizable to your exact situation, Gentreo offers a way to create, store and share your estate plan. If you have a blended family, specific gifts or distinct wishes for a beloved pet, the site walks you through the details of sorting out your preferences and making a will that suits your needs. Once the will is complete, you can upload it to your family vault and choose which beneficiaries can have access to it. The site also offers additional estate planning documents such as a health care proxy and power of attorney. Membership starts at $49.99.LegalZoomIf you want a professional’s input when making an online will, LegalZoom provides access to an independent attorney who is knowledgeable about laws in your state. Legal counsel is available at the start of the will making process. You can also begin making a will on your own with the site’s self-guided questionnaire. If you have questions as you go through it, you can reach out to an attorney. Legal counsel is also available after you finish the will to help you make updates or address concerns for up to a year. Prices start at $179.

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