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Part 2 Review John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Here is a Link to the Internet Jetset Affiliate Marketing Course: Part 2 of my review of John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Training Course. This second review looks at the first few videos in the course and talks about how I completed the affiliate marketing exercises. So far John has gone though: – How to select a product niche to market online – How to use free services to drive traffic – How to optimize your YouTube channel […]

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These 25 Scam Affiliate Marketing YouTube Channels Are Scamming You!

🤙 30 Minute Coaching Call: ★☆★ MY BIO ★☆★ Hi my name is Benjamin Fairbourne and I am a guru who also reviews other gurus. I share my opinion of other leaders in their respective industries. I share insights of what they do wrong and do right. I am very brutal and honest at times sharing the truth. I inform others on secrets of the leaders they follow. “One of the biggest industries booming for everyday people […]

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How to make $6000 a month from Affiliate Marketing – with @Miles Beckler

You’ve seen the adverts. Make a 6 figure passive income through Affiliate Marketing. Anyone can do it. You just need to follow my step-by-step process and you can be as successful as my success students. There will be a few screen shots of other people’s “success” – John in Alabama did $13,000 last month. Carole did $19,000 dollars in her first month. Ever thought… “If you’re making so much money from Affiliate Marketing” why would you want […]

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