Super Affiliate Network Scam Review | 😡 Did Misha Wilson start a scam or not

Is The Super Affiliate Network a scam or not? I expose the truth in this quick video so you can decide for yourself!!

Don’t buy before watching this video and the video on the $1 trial page!

My name is Dejon and I am part of Team Transformation – I work with my mom and twin sister to help business owners elevate their hustle online at

You can take the $1 Trial of San (The Super Affiliate Network) here:

You can create income with affiliate marketing – it is a huge industry and there are millions of stories that will make you wish that you had found the industry sooner!

The Super Affiliate Network does not make sales for you! They do have awesome support and coaches who will help you close the sales and provide you with awesome education…but this is YOUR business!

If you are thinking that you can just click a button and make money on the internet like magic…think again. It takes the proper mindset and personal drive to create success online….it just does.

If you want to know more about creating success online and learning what it takes, just click here:

The real truth about the Super Affiliate Network can be discovered when you go through the training modules. Chances are, you will LOVE what you watch…but it’s best for you to be the judge.

Misha Wilson created this system, and he is helping people create a lifestyle of freedom through his already done for you affiliate funnels. Most top leader and successful online marketers that I know are not in the scam business. Everything is completely legit and worth you digging out the 4 quarters it takes to test the affiliate system for yourself.

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Did Misha Wilson start a scam or not | Super Affiliate Network Scam Review



  • SCAM! These people make their money selling their 'system'. That's the source of their income, their "success". It's bullshit. You'll make more money googling what this system actually is, develop your own system to sell to your own flock of suckers.

  • This woman is in on it. This is not an objective review or information on the methods they use to make money.

  • Yeah I just read some of these comments now I know how he makes his money

  • I must say that Coach Scott Hess has a very powerful story that inspires truly! He made it out from deep financial problems, living in a very tiny house! He passed all this process also and managed to make his way up,,,but first he had to commit to learn, to not procrastinate, and to jump and feel the fall before his parachute opened up.
    If he did it, if you did it and so many other people have done it also and are making wealth, not blaming others if something didn't work well at first,,,,because they needed to work with there mind set and internal beliefs in order to see results, I can do it also.
    I think that every body here is an adult and read the Disclaimer and understood it. When you decide to jump, you must know as an adult person, that your the only one held responsible for your risk.
    I just finished module 6 and I am very clear of the decision I made. Nobody in SAN had never, ever told me that this was a magic wand, and no guarantees made what so ever. The only guarantee made is that if you commit and dedicate time effiently and smartly, you will see results. There is no such thing as cruise control with out doing the daily homework first.
    If I fail,,, I am the only one to blame! Or is there anybody out there that wants to pay the price of my failure in my stead?

  • Since your in the other side, I guess you must personally know Scott Hess!

  • Is this offer still good,🤔

  • I joined this platform pro program two three years ago for $2000. Studies it and worked on it. Spent more than $1000 on solo ad as the training telling me to do. Made $0. When I requested refund, they used all the rules to keep the $2000. So I lost more than $3000 with this platform. I knew some people who joined around the same time as me did not make any money as well. They did not get the refund that SAN proudly use when they tried to get your money.

  • My email is I am apart of this program and would like to connect with you. Send me a message. Thx!

  • He never told us HOW he was able to get that much money he never mentioned stuff about the online shit or how he created the website also where was his wife and kids at?

  • The link does not work when I click on it.

  • Yeah.. They lure you in with a small fee.. about $7. After some brainwashing they get you to give them another $2500 to continue. If you want to go further than that, it is at least $10k. That's the Bronze plan. It goes further than 20K for "all in" How do I know? I fell for it. Many others have and we need to all band together against this. They promise support then they give you a messed up Sandlane and a click funnel that doesn't work. Don't worry, they work with you if you don't have the cash to get credit cards and loans to give to them at your expense because you hold the expense and are left holding the bag. They will always blame you for everything if it doesn't work out. Sounds like a good deal doesn't it? NOT!!!

  • hear their is over $12000 in up sells

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  • People keep saying you make money, but for the love of God how? It's not sales so what is it, how do you make commission on something that you don't do anything but watch drip fed videos :-/ … Is it that they teach you an then you use your knowledge gain to make your own business… Or I just gotta sell the software to someone

  • It is great a video..
    Can i use my smartphone to start this business? Wishing to have a respond from you…thank you so much in advance…

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  • DOES this program included done for you email marketing like written email contents???

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