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Stealth Commissions is an over the shoulder video training course which reveals bens personal method and opinions on how to get traffic by ranking videos on the first page of YouTube.

What This Course Isn’t

Its not a course that primarily focuses on making money by targeting review keywords. This is however covered within this training. Its not an overnight get rich quick method and it’s going to require you actually do some work..Thta pretty much goes with out saying with anything in life, if you dont put it, you dont get if your looking for overnight riches, click away..if your willing to put in the effort and learn, then keep watching.

What You Are Going To Learn

Your going to be learning what they call an out of the box keyword method which you can use to rank videos, get traffic and make money in any niche. Your going to be learning how to rank videos using longtail keywords and the fastest way to hit YouTube first page to start getting traffic and making money. Ben is going to show you how to create a brand new YT Channle from scratch and using the method within this training, how to start making it pay from your very first month.

The main training in this course focuses on affilliate marketing but it can be used in any niche but for the purpose of this training, make money online products are the example. Having been through this video course, eveything being taught can be used for other purposes like getting more traffic, generating leads and sales..basically, anything you want traffic for.

As you can see the list of videos here, they are in different categorirs and stages of this training..some are pretty basic and self explanitory but there are sections that containg the main meat of this method.

And Im talking about the keyword research and finding the right keywords to rank for..

Ben itroduces a free software called the keyword shitter which is a rather an amusing name but it does work and works well.

Once you’ve done your keyword search, Ben takes you through the rest of the process of putting it all together, the main seo side of things and other little pieces that need to be inplace and some off page seo..

Overall this video training is based on personal experience and results and isn’t some you can be confident that what you are being taught in Stealth Commissions is real and works.


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