Stablecoins Clearly Explained – Earning Interest, Different Types & Taking Profits

Stablecoins Clearly Explained – Earning Interest, Different Types & Taking Profits
Today, Alex sits down to provide an update on the world of stablecoins—a type of cryptocurrency designed to maintain a stable value. We talk about the growth of Tether (USDT); stablecoin conspiracies; types of stablecoins; centralised exchanges; BitShares & Tether’s assets; collateralised debt positions; rebasing & elastic supply tokens; preferred stablecoins and much more. #Cryptocurrency #Stablecoin #Tether

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0:00 Introduction to Stablecoins
1:10 Growth of Tether (USDT)
4:30 Stablecoin conspiracies
5:20 Types of stablecoins
6:20 Beginner resources
7:15 BitShares & Tether’s assets
8:50 Gold, silver & centralised exchanges
10:05 Bitfinex, Circle & exchanges
12:30 Collateralised debt positions
14:15 DeFi Pulse,, Synthetix (SNX), Reserve (RSR), Curve (CRV), 1inch (1INCH), UMA (UMA)
18:00 Interest-bearing cUSDC on Compound
19:10 Rebasing & elastic supply tokens
23:35 Preferred stablecoins & concerns
25:00 How do you take profits?

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  • So I’ve been using stablecoins as an intermediary between cryptos. I convert one crypto at high value to a stable coin so it’s value stops changing, then when the market stagnates over the weekend I buy the dip with my stablecoins not having dipped with it.

  • When I got into this space at the end of 2020, I was under the impression that selling a digital asset into stablecoins rather than fiat was a way to avoid capital gains taxes because "you're keeping your funds within the crypto system". I have since learned this is untrue; effectively any trade of any sort is a taxable event. So, I am to understand that in terms of tax liability, it is irrelevant whether you sell a coin for USD (in my case) vs USDT, true?

    Thanks! And for most non-US residents reading this, the question could likely apply to your country as well. Very few countries have favorable cryptocurrency laws at this point, to my knowledge.

  • C

    Why is there a stable coin you have to trust?

  • C

    But isn’t stable coin easier to move because of less regulations? Isn’t that just regulatory arbitrage?

  • Great content. Damn I thought C was relatively safe. Now not so sure.

  • Thanks but I cannot find any beginner information about the transaction fees. Do I always have to pay high fees when sending it to a interest platform like Celsius? Is there a workaround?

  • Real question is where can I get the t-shirt Alex?

  • Can you explain why tether´s 24h volume is the double of their market cap ? Is nonsense. It´s the only stable coin that has that characteristic…. You can check in via coinmarketcap easily.

  • Banks have been great to me lately, the worst companies these days are the crypto exchanges who are just pathetic, getting funds into and out of exchanges is a nightmare, the 'horrible customer service, buggy code that their platforms are built on, and inconsistent user journeys and pathways. I had thought that crypto had matured but its still a shambles and for an industry that is 'focused' on technology, well they have a lot of work to do.

  • Good to hear BitShares get a mention (, alongside Bisq (, it has been one of my favoured decentralized exchanges. According to the BitShares website it looks like they are going to have a relaunch soon, so it is one to watch.

  • Great content, thank you!

  • That aussie accent makes Bitshares sound like a bitch ass 😀 Great content though. Thank you !

  • Best overview on the web!

  • The ultimate in knowledge 👊🇦🇺

  • USDC all the way. 12.5 % staking on Celsius 🤗

  • I recently found your videos and have been learning so much! One request though – can you please switch your browser to dark mode for my sake and it's better on your eyes too!

  • Along these lines I read an interesting article yesterday about a digital social currency experiment in Finland backed by the European Commission. It was on an Ethereum based peer-to-peer blockchain called Streamr and involved "anti-rival tokens" which were issued according to their usage. Have you heard of this and where do you think it fits in?

  • Fabulous stuff, thank you very much, this is quality information.

    Personally while I do have concerns about fiat money, I think it's so tied to the fate of the evil empire itself, I doubt it'll go anywhere if the empire remains in place. The final 'negotiation' is always nukes.

    So……. I hold DAI-coins as a kind of forex (bought them with GBP, which is unjustifiably strong right now). The plan is, if the value of DAI falls by less than the price of BTC falls in the coming reversal/cycle/whatever, that's the worst case scenario (a small diminution of the bear market gains, which considering the cycle will eventually return to the upside bigly, is no biggie.)
    If the value of DAI (in GBP) rises then no matter what happens to BTC it's a small improvement; best case scenario is the pound tanks, Bitcoin also tanks, there's one of these little fake crashes and the dollar rallies like crazy and Bitcoin's totally on sale to Britcucks holding DAI.

    This is not financial advice, and obviously someone might be just about to say "that's completely retarded" lol

  • POWR what's it going to take to stir that up? Australian sunny country to make a better deal for peoples electricity bills. Why is it so quiet?

  • That is amazing knowledge man!!Thanks!

  • Cheers for this bud. Novice to investing but I've appointed Marin Katusa, Raoul Pal and this lad as my backroom staff so I'll be sleeping well.

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