Stablecoin Yield Farming and Arbitrage Trading DeFi Platform

Always looking for the next crypto moonshot or hidden gem in cryptocurrency we review this new stablecoin yield farming decentralized finance platform with an ETH gas back token?!
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Seems like every day we cover a new token related to Decentralized Finance or DeFi and that’s for one main reason .. that’s where the best investment opportunities in crypto are, this isn’t investment advice but I’m here to explore new, fun, and exciting crypto tech projects that empower users around the world to take back their financial freedom! Let’s review the Stabilize Finance protocol along with their STBZ token AND their STOL token which helps to offset massive ethereum transactions fees and acts as an ETH gas fee cashback token!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 This new DeFi project has over 1000% profits!
01:53 Buy & host cryptocurrency miners with Compass
02:15 Stabilize Finance works around stablecoins
02:59 DeFi audits, risk & how to participate with STBZ
04:06 How does Stabilize Finance work?
05:32 Stabilize Finance have decentralized governance
06:09 Badger & Stabilize are building a stability vault
06:55 STOL Gas token
10:33 Benefits to using the STOL token
11:22 Stabilize Finance uses arbitrage trading to profit
13:29 Using the STOL token
14:28 How to provide liquidity for STBZ-ETH
18:03 How much should you have to participate in DeFi?
19:00 Stabilize Finance review

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  • I think its amazing they are trying to tie everything together and allows you so many different coins,
    I think the masses will accept crypto a lot more when made simple for them. 3QjZe6W5rbma2897RyRAuRmCMvYAouGmY9

  • Great work as always Vosk da BAWS!
    One of my Eth addresses: 0x009953b19fa42a8a3E55B147E3459f163A93BF23
    I like what stabilize is doing by making ethereum gas fees a little less painful with stabinol. Very interested to see how this pans out.

  • 0x671E46859bda530740E89cEf82DcA26aF572F704

    I love that STBZ helps to keep prices stable as it is well indicated in the name.

  • Appreciate the video.
    Glad I got to learn about stabilize finance!

    Thanks Vosk!



  • 1MNWSsmF729xKDRq8AcCLNJhBzHknHT5o5

  • ETH : 0xa5a7c0D4e191f94c58D8013127BF59266C1F05c7
    Best thing about stabalised finance is it will make transactions easier across various tokens and chains and less costly vastly reducing fees, which in turn would allow more players who couldnt afford the high fees to get involved in liquidity helping even more with stabalised finance. This should snowball in a positive way.

  • Love this concept – offset the killer gas fees while causing a transaction load balancing effect at the same time. 0xed7acf93ad4e5fd3Fc991EF60c900E9c9bb18Ff0

  • BSC: 0xEE98f0B1cF46c7e561d654b801abd7eB21288530
    Let's hope it's name will hold the word. Sound good.

  • 0xC9C435304e08740107f21cf42C23eB7f569f52F6
    Stabilize finance is the future.

  • ETH : 0xE0825a1D4C9EE5d2b947d4751D703251dc886127
    Its Good To know that the minimum requirement to Participate in DeFi is actually not that high! =)

  • TK


    1:55 is my favorite part from our “months video sponsor” that for some reason by now hasn’t just become “our video sponsor”

  • ETH: 0x9d4893BeE72EF7cfC9Da63930CAf802707204944
    I like that stabilize finance is stabilised finance.

  • 15:49 Hahahah! Still mumbling under your breath about those ETH gas fees no matter what the DEX or DAPP right?… Well I know the 'Core Level' game changer to this transaction fees problem…Though I'm still a novice in the Crypto Ecosystem I believe we're moving away from the fundamentals of real life 'User Friendly/User Case' criteria in order to bring more adoption to the community…Simply put ETH gas fees will never be resolved because ETH programming language wasn't build specifically for transaction purposes…Check out my winning token pick that to me will really out perform many tokens like DOT,ADA & many others it's Truebit Protocol, what do you think?
    0x39fd3C886fd18664B396c92C6a1Dbdd228b3CeE3 (ETH)
    XrwmQd13YojZm4rufcgFn9SYcUbgeWv3fk (DASH)

  • ETH: 0x1c6a52ab6c2da3D64a47d427050d24c60f111343
    It's interesting how this stablecoin yield farming and arbitrage is proposed to work by the pegging. Let's hope it translates to good yields.

  • yo

    ETH gas back token has great potential. That is one of the many unique features that I'm looking forward to.

  • Voskcoin do you have a arbitrage add for telegram on youtube? Is it legit? If so, can you do it numerous times or once and is it still worth it with gas fees?

  • BTC: 33dRYg6SuAhDHHFkVLKgkFpasp8CcaHGPE
    5:34 I find your thought process on this very interesting and even compelling!

  • Stabinol is sure a fun name, looks promising though.

  • 0x405F27A93b8f890F81f81eB0efeA464e99ddB3B3
    STBZ has oppurtunities to have over 1000% PROFITS attracts me lol

  • The Fact that Badger and stabilize are building a stability vault makes it soo interesting

  • ETH Addy – 0x61057135CF215B0e9854F7B4bCE3Dd4a2200E50E
    Their STOL Token is great as it works as a eth gas cashback

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