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HACK OR NOT?? Nope! No hacks, bugs or glitches. I bought these star coins (in 4 years). I got moved to another region’s server therefore I had to start the game from the beginning. Right now, I don’t have anything except star coins. My previous level, character, horses, clothing, gear… All of these are gone. So what do you think, is it a gain or a loss?
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1-How did you move there?

My country is located between Europe and Asia (positioned mostly in Asia). I live in the european side of the country and I used to be on an European server. First, all the european servers I could move to dissappeared from my “move server” page. Then, they created a server for people who live in Asia, and since my country is positioned 95% in Asia they included my country as well. Even though I live in the european side, I was able to move there.

server: Sapphire Island




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