Scammers getting sophisticated with ‘work from home’ scam


Scammers getting sophisticated with ‘work from home’ scam

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Scammers are getting more sophisticated in the Mid-South.

A mother of four thought she found the perfect ‘work from home’ gig, but the company blocked her phone number without paying her.

Ashlie Wilson has a lot going on. She’s got four kids, a live in grandmother, and a sick dog all counting on her.

So when she saw a job posting that said she could work from home, she thought it looked like a perfect fit.

Now, not only is she out of a job – scammers have her driver’s license and social security numbers.

“I mean, it sounded like bread and butter, you know? It sounded great,” Wilson said.

Wilson needed a gig that would allow her to be a caretaker for her grandma and her four kids.

“I took a leave of absence from a weekly paying job to stay home with my kids and my 78-year-old grandma.”

Wilson had to fill out a W2, was given an official orientation video, and felt like she backgrounded the company pretty well.

The job seemed too good to be true – but you know what they say.

“No one is available to take your call… Nobody will call back.”

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The company in question, Postal Board LLC, had Wilson working long hours almost every single day for a month.

But when it can to getting paid… “The number you dialed cannot be reached from your calling area. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.”

Wilson was left in the dark.

“It didn’t just take a financial blow, it was a huge emotional blow – and a mental blow. I was like how can I not see this?… I really feel like I let them down as a mom. It really makes you feel bad because you’re a provider.”

Postal Board LLC has been the subject of several warnings on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

The BBB said the business appears to be unregistered, mail was returned as undeliverable to their alleged business address, and they were unable to reach a live person on the phone.

A spokesperson with the BBB told us if a job asks you to inspect packages and resend them, be cautious.

They advise folks to do thorough research on companies where you can work-from-home.

“Now it’s gone from scamming, then spending all your money to where you don’t have to spend a frickin’ dime.” 

Wilson filled out a W2 for this job and sent it to these scammers.

She’s already received a notice from a bank she’s not with, so she believes identity theft and fraud happened.

If you have any questions about whether a company is legit, call the Mid-South BBB and they’ll help you with the research process, (901) 759-1300.

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