Savage Affiliates Honest Review Franklin Online Affiliate Marketing Course (2021) (Scam?)

Savage Affiliates Honest Review Franklin Online Affiliate Marketing Course (2021) (Scam?)

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Today I will be reviewing Savage Affiliates.

Now, before you leave, yes I am using an AI Voice changer but, that doesn’t make the review any less trustworthy.

I am an actual student and I have personally bought Savage Affiliates.

I will be showing it on the screen as proof that I actually own the product I am reviewing.

I will also be addressing some criticisms against Savage Affiliates.

This is Savage Affiliates which is an affiliate marketing course by a guy named Franklin Hatchett as you guys probably know him. He has a huge YouTube channel where he discusses affiliate marketing and various other business models.

Keep in mind that this course is now called Affiliate Atlas Blueprint. Before it was called Savage Affiliates.

So, before I give my thoughts on the course I will going over everything it has.

It has around 13 different modules if we include the bonus modules there are.

Keep in mind that the bonus modules you only get if you have the super version.

Before we get into the course there is actually an introduction section. This is something you must watch because it goes over how it all works, how we are going to get free traffic, seo traffic, paid traffic and how to go through the course.

Watch the video for all the modules!

Next bonus module we have Launch Jacking and Web Hosting. So, he shows how he makes money through Web Hosting, beginner and advanced methods you can use to promote web hosting, he also, shows how to use Pinterest to promote Web Hosting Offers. He also covers launch jacking in this, he explains what it is, how to structure it, where to find bonuses, how to use youtube for launch jacking.

Next bonus module we have is Amazon Affiliate Marketing. This goes over various Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website Examples, understanding buyer intent keywords, ideal products you want to be promoting when you are promoting Amazon Products, how to setup your website’s silo structure because you will need a lot more traffic to make good money with Amazon website. Especially since they cut back on commissions. He goes over basic way to find a niche, how to find products in the niche, how to model websites which already work, he then has 3 different Amazon product examples where he shows you what type of keywords to target and structure.

The last bonus module is Extra Free Gifts. This has some blog training and email marketing training which is subpar.

Lastly, you also get access to the Facebook group which has a ton of people helping you answer questions and avoid beginner issues when starting out.

See, there are few criticisms which stand out with Savage Affiliates. First is, many people complain about Frank not being as active on the group. This is only partially true but, you have to realize there are many people who were new just like you and they got success because of Savage Affiliates and while most of them don’t hang out in the group. Many of them do still answer questions and issues you might have.



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