Regulators eye stablecoins: Are they really stable, at all?

CoinDesk’s Emily Parker speaks to Kelly Evans about regulators’ concerns about stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies. To see the full interview with Parker sign up for a free trial to CNBC Pro:

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  • Ethe:reum is down by a very sharp 10% this week as it reached as low as $1850. The coin fell beneath the 20-day MA on Monday and dropped into the support at $2035 (Feb 2020 Highs). It continued lower on Tuesday to drop beneath the 200-day MA and fell until finding support today at $1888 (.886 Fib). It did dip as low as $1850 today, but it seems that buyers are attempting to hold above $1888, which provided strong support in June. Again, the 4-hour chart shows a better perspective of how E'T'H is tradlng – inside a falling wedge pattern, typically bullish once it breaks toward the upside. Looking ahead, the first resistance lies at around $1950 (upside of the wedge). This is followed by $2000, $2035 (200-day MA), $2120 (20-day MA), and $2200 (long-term descending trend line). On the other side, the first support lies at $1888. This is followed by $1850 (weekly low), $1710 (June support), and $1625 (downside 1.272 Fib Extension). One explanation you need to put resources into crypt0 and its innovation is on the grounds; crypt0 is changing the economy state of any country that moves toward the innovation and that way being an early adopter gives you an edge over others that will become tied up with it late. While taking a gander at the development pace of digital m0ney and the chance it present. why not investigate it and have a re-examine about the specific venture you wish to make now. Timothy is also an expert trader and f!nance journalist and you can find his courses on tradlng on the internet for free and they come in handy as an investor and he can be reached on gmαil (timothyhamiltonofficial@gmailcom ) and 𝔀ℌ𝒶𝓉𝔰 ⓐ℗℗ (+1(718)839-6546 ) for his assistance on strictly crypt0 related concerns..

  • Hilarious to crackdown on stablecoins for what banks do every day – issue credit backed by nothing but air. Suddenly fractional reserve banking is bad now.

    News flash: it's always bad. Regulations don't help.

  • I mean, banks just got a law lobbied that gives them the ability to keep 0% of your money and loan it all out to others with interest(which they then do again and again).. this used to be 10%.

    In reality stable coins are nowhere near as bad as our banking system, if everyone tried to pull their money out banks would be collapse, what they are doing is criminal.

    Why isnt THAT the focus? Stable coins are just used 99% in software to swap between different cryptos, they are almost never used for purchasing anything.. so if they arent fully backed it doesnt matter that much.

  • Have you noticed that Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, CNBC, CNN and bloomberg hate tech (even though most of us have 401k plans that have big tech) and push crypto crap,

    NFT ponzi scheme, and meme/gambling stocks like AMC/gamestop/SPAC, promoting China, and scaring investors by promoting inflation?
    For the fools that bought crypto in May 2021, they've lost -50% as of July 2021.

    You're wrong about inflation going up. Most people aren't buying new cars. However, most people DO buy gas and that's roughly the same as a year ago, not to

    mention that we work from home and saved soo much money by not spending on gas or maintenance, and tons more on not having to pay for daycare costs.

    Inflation or no Inflation, who cares. Own high quality companies whose products and services have pricing power, that leads them to have stable growing cash flows.

    Price will take care of the rest…

  • =FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft) and Intel, Zoom…
    ___Disney, Wells Fargo, Boeing, Walgreens, IBM, Chevron, DOW for the recovery.
    Warren buffet quotes: It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.

  • Bitcoin is money, everything else is just credit. Like it or not, Bitcoin is the future of asset investing.

  • $USDT is a fraud. I've been covering this on my twitter for years. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize it's a fraud.

  • Not so stable coin crackdown



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