Powerful Exchange System Pro (PESPro) Is A Scam

Powerful Exchange System (PESPro) is a scam. Do not buy!

If you’re searching for a Social Exchanger Script that you can use to run your own business providing Social exchange services do not buy from MN-Shop. I dont know whether they own the script but they do not provide support so you will be wasting your money like I did.

After spending $120 us dollars ($99 for the script, $10 for branding removal, and $10 for installation) I was very disappointed to say the least. Not only does the seller not provide any support, they lock you out of the support forum so you can’t complain.

My experience with them began after searching the internet but couldn’t find any alternative Social Exchange Script. I decided to go ahead and buy PESPro from Mafia Net Shop. After buying the script, I tries to contact the Admin to arrange the install on my hosting but after sending several messages, I got no reply. Several days passed so then I created an account on their forum. The account was limited because they never sent me a confirmation so I couldn’t become a full member to comment. I noticed that numerous members were having problems with the script but the Admin provided little help.

Although I’m not well experienced at script installation I decided to install the script myself. I manage to install the script but I immediately noticed several issues with its functionality so I tried to contact Mafia Net Shop again. They did not reply to any of my support tickets except one, which was a request to remove the MN-Shop branding. They sent me a code to insert into the files and it worked. This left me very puzzled as to why they would ignore all of my other issues and requests.

In reading through their Forum, I discovered that they have deliberately restricted user access to the Forum at different times. I also noticed that they now only use direct payments because people were opening a lot of PayPal disputes against them, no doubt trying to get their money back. At this point my script is functional but in limited capacity. Needless to say I’m very disappointed and angry with MN-Shop. They have obviously lived up to their name as being a Mafia business. In my opinion, they are a scam organization so shop with them at your peril.

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