PLINKY Review // a charming portable granular and wavetable synth

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► Komplete M32: from Amazon ( or direct from NI ( – affiliate links
► Happy nerding LED meter
► Supersixteen sequencer from Extralife

► Watch this one for the new and simpler kit!

Intro is a granularisation of the intro to this song by Danski, played by Yehezkel Raz:

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0:00 Intro
1:20 Overview
2:00 Note mode
3:55 Tape mode
5:00 Editing params
8:00 Connectivity
10:20 Storage
11:35 DIY kit
12:10 This setup
13:10 Synth
15:00 Sampler
15:30 Sampling
17:00 Slicing
18:20 Multisamples
20:10 Granular
23:35 Noise, distortion
24:05 Resonant LPG
25:05 Effects
26:40 Arpeggiator
27:30 Euclidean
28:50 Sequencer
30:50 Mod matrix
32:30 ABXY explained
37:00 Pros & cons
41:25 Outro

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