Passive Income Lifestyle Course: HONEST Review ODI Productions The Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Passive Income Lifestyle Course: HONEST Review ODI Productions The Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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In this video, I review the Passive Income Lifestyle course by ODI Productions. Passive Income Lifestyle course/mentorship is the how to guide for the affiliate marketing for beginners. The passive income lifestyle is one year in the making which stemmed from Affiliate Marketing Champ by ODI Productions.

He used the Affiliate Marketing Champ to create this new course, Passive Income Lifestyle. In reviewing this affiliate marketing for beginners course, ODI Productions evaluated what to improve on and what to work on. ODI Productions took all the feedback from Affiliate Marketing Champ such as the struggles of finding a niche, product to promote or sell, and how to join affiliate programs and how to get approved? in order to fuel this passive income lifestyle.

In this review, I go over how Affiliate Marketing Champ is 7 hours of video compared to how passive income lifestyle has 7 hours of video in the first two weeks. It has an 8 week program that helps you stay focused on the task at hand by doing things one week at a time. This also has a built in 1 hour livestream with ODI Productions where we can review your passive income lifestyle content. ODI Productions will provide valuable positive and constructive feedback.

I review my favorite part of Passive Income Lifestyle, which is week 2, module 2 – Mindset and productive routine. This separates this passive income lifestyle course with all other affiliate marketing for beginners courses.

I also review the week 3, module 3 which is the introduction to affiliate marketing for beginners. ODI Productions reviews through a real world example of a passive income lifestyle website.

I review week 4, module 4: this is the ODI method. An 11 step by step game plan on how ODI Productions does his affiliate marketing to achieve a passive income lifestyle. Step by step guide on how to have a highly profitable passive income. How to separate time from money. How to choose a niche, product, platform, promote and effectively sell in your market. Each passive income lifestyle step has a video.

I review week 5, module 5 in which how ODI Productions goes through the Niche Authority website and his personal case study of how he does this twice. Great module for affiliate marketing for beginners.

I review week 6, module 6 of passive income lifestyle, this is a new affiliate marketing for beginners method. The perpetual sales funnel method and how to promote a high ticket affiliate marketing product to fuel the passive income lifestyle.

In week 7, module 7 I review how ODI Productions talks about building a personal brand. Personal brand method will allow you to have the flexibility to pivot to another affiliate marketing product or service. This will allow you to have a passive income lifestyle across multiple niches/products that have overlap.

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In week 8, module 8 ODI Productions review the classic/traditional affiliate marketing landing page method. It also goes over how to setup your business structure an taxes.



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