[PART 9] Affiliate Review Blogging Tips & Strategies for Long Term Success

In today’s lesson, learn about some tips and strategies for long term success with your affiliate review blogging site(s).

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📅 Step-By-Step Blog Tutorial Training Series Will Go As Follows:
Part 1: Introduction & Affiliate Blogging Strategy Overview *20Hr – 40Hr For Passive Income
Part 2: Finding a Niche, Keywords & Gather a Product List
Part 3: Registering Domain & Buy Web Hosting *Configure Nameservers
Part 4: Setup WordPress and Get a Free Theme
Part 5: Setup WordPress Free Plugins *Essential Plugins, Comparison, Review Plugins…
Part 6: Creating Your First Review Post *Repeat 2 More Times
Part 7: Creating The Comparison Review Post
Part 8: SEO & Traffic Strategies: Youtube & Social
Part 9: Blog Maintenance & Long Term Success
Part ?? and beyond Advanced Tips & Tricks……..
Setup Ads & Banners, Lead Building,
Premium Amazon Affiliate Plugin, coupon & bonus strategy,

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  • Hallo,thanks for tipa…I 'd like to know One thing: do you make One Page site review for each product and then put the link on the top. It Is Better than making Just One website with multiple review. … .Thanks Mirko

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