Part 2 Review John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Here is a Link to the Internet Jetset Affiliate Marketing Course:

Part 2 of my review of John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Training Course. This second review looks at the first few videos in the course and talks about how I completed the affiliate marketing exercises.

So far John has gone though:
– How to select a product niche to market online
– How to use free services to drive traffic
– How to optimize your YouTube channel
– Tips and tricks for organic Search Engine Optimization
– Visualization exercises to help you see and feel your goals
– Time management
– How to avoid distractions

I feel the base price for the course has been worth the money up to this point. I would recommend this program for the absolute beginner to the mildly seasoned web professional.



  • once if i buy the course do i need to make any payments inside or everything is free inside to setup a system and make automated income

  • Hello WeConnectWebsites 🙂 Would you recommend this to someone completely new to the affiliate and marketing world? I'm starting from scratch, but would love to take on this challenge. Is the training detailed enough for someone like me?

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