Panel: Tokens, Coins and Above – The Rise of the Security and Stable Coins

As there’s still much uncertainty around the future of regulation, most Initial Coin Offerings are liable for legal trouble at some point. Add to the volatile nature of such investments, there has been growing interest in alternatives. Security Token Offerings are a new way of funding blockchain innovation, meeting regulatory criteria from the beginning and being backed by actual assets. At the same time, stable coins look to offer a safer way to manage your investments but is this really a positive development for the space?

This panel looks to discuss the needs of the industry and the future of tokens.

Moderator: Brent Philbin, Co-Founder & Host, CryptoBasic Podcast
Grace Chong, Senior Associate, Herbert Smith Freehills
John Fiorelli, Chief Growth Officer, Kenetic
Kingsley Advani, Founder and Partner, Chainfund Capital
Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO, Alameda Research

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