Overnight Freedom Course Review: Affiliate Marketing Training Program & Software by Gerry Cramer

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Gerry Cramer, Mark Ling & Rob Jones’s new web-based advanced affiliate marketing training course is Overnight Freedom.

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It empowers users to earn high affiliate commissions from a given paid traffic and high-ticket programs.

Overnight Freedom features an 8-week live training, coaching sessions and software tools for creating an affiliate marketing funnel that helps users generate 100K/year.

The Overnight Freedom course reveals proven marketing methods and software tools that allow you to build a profitable 7-figure business.

The program also features an Ad Generator tool that has streamlined the process of creating engaging, high-performing Facebook and YouTube ads.

Overnight Freedom includes a cutting-edge software program that creates a high-converting Facebook and YouTube compliant site for your offers.

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One comment

  • WHY YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST GERRY KRAMER & ROB JONES. MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENT BY GERRY KRAMER, ROB JONES, and PROFIT ENGINE!!! This is feedback on a course offered by them in 2018. Further down I list the exact words of their promotion and point out how they failed to meet their obligations.

    It is true. There were students who made great profits. What I don't know is whether they used the exact methods taught by Gerry or were just already experienced with affiliate marketing. We received additional webinars by experienced students to help us SOLVE the reasons for Facebook banning our ads. I suspect that Gerry's free template that was supposed to make you millions did not work anymore was flagged by Facebook. I have sent a request for a refund as GUARANTEED and this is how they got away with it.

    I've lost 4 months of income due to failed training. Gerry's system was hugely challenged by Facebook's regulations. He advised that we only use his template and emulate his successes but avoid using his exact example since it will get you banned. I suspected his template was flagged by Facebook because if you used it, YOUR AD ACCOUNT GOT BANNED.

    How did they get away by not living up to their promised guarantee after I spent $3000 on their course? I quote their defense: "Customer had been previously contacted for additional information regarding her course experience. She is not eligible for a double refund as she has made sales with the program."

    "Previously contacted" meant they sent me a questionnaire about my performance when I asked for a refund. Then they used that info AGAINST me!! I was asked to prove that I did indeed execute all the steps of the training, which I did. But their guarantee was worded so that it protected them and means SHIT to anyone else!

    I've spent a lot of money on ads and design. Neither did I make income for 4 months (how much is your time worth?) They promised PERSONAL reviews on our ads but blatantly announced in the videos that they won't do it. You need a minimum income on ClickBank plus at least 5 sales (I made 3) and a variety of credit cards used before you can claim earnings. Outlined their exact words in their Advertising campaign followed by a comment on how their promises were NOT met.

    While you read this, note that they had more than 1000 students! Meaning for their training they received between $3m and $4.5m but REFUSED to offer one on one support as PROMISED in the ad. How could they. 2 people helping 1000-1500 students? No, they won't but they're happy to take your money!

    As per the marketing campaign quoting their EXACT words:


    * As long as you follow every step of the training curriculum without deviation, and actively use our support system and our tools and resources, we guarantee to not only refund your purchase but DOUBLE your money back if for some weird reason you're unable to make sales.

    —I followed all the steps required. I have been in discussion with the vendor for a week to ask for my money back and am still waiting. They asked me to submit a questionnaire to proof that I have done what they have asked for. I have done so immediately but I received no actual commitment to getting my money back. I spent more than a month asking for the necessary steps to be taken to find a common solution. Never ONCE did Gerry hopped on an email or call trying to help. What disqualified me from claiming my guarantee? THIS part of the guarantee: "for some weird reason you're unable to make sales" – because I made 3 sales!!! Whoop, whoop Gerry! Is this misleading or WHAT??????? Are you an honorable man or are you going to deal with this in a defensive way to justify your lack of integrity by giving me that pathetic defense you gave Clickbank?

    * We are 100% committed to your success and will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to ensure you succeed.

    — I have submitted several requests for help over more than a month now and have still not received ANY support as was promised.

    * You can get on the phone and get 1-on-1 help directly from us.

    — I have not received any 1-on-1 help, regardless of my requests.

    * After you've completed the Profit engine Master Blueprint training, either Gerry, Rob or one of our super affiliate mentors will hop on a 30 minute 1-on-1 call with you to help directly with your ad campaigns.

    — Several requests for help have been made. I received NO HELP WHATSOEVER, regardless of several emails where I have asked for help.

    * We will personally critique your ad funnel and help you tweak whatever you need to skyrocket your results! We will personally help you succeed.

    — Any requests submitted are handled by the support team, which in their words on 13 August were: "Our role here in support is to help point you in the right direction, answer course-related questions, and motivate and encourage you at times. Gerry and Rob will have a standardized funnel review process set up for you soon to provide you with expert recommendations on your ad images, presell pages, and ad campaigns from either them or a mentor, and that’s where these types of questions should be directed so that you get the best advice possible."

    — No reviews were received by Rob or Gerry of any super-affiliate! And any email sent to any contact email ends up with the support team.

    * Get your ad critiqued by a multi-million dollar ad expert, a multi-million dollar copywriter and 6 super affiliates.

    —My Ad was never critiqued

    * Find out if your ad is good before you ever spend a single dime on traffic.

    —I received no feedback in this regard.

    * Remove all the risk & set yourself up for success before you even start.

    —This was a misleading promise. I signed up on 16 June. After the 4th week of training, we were told that we can start running our own ads. Yet no reviews on our ads were done. How can there be no risk???

    * We will review your ads personally.

    — A few delegates' ads were reviewed for everyone to see. Out of more of 1000 students, mine was not. Not my Image and not my Ad copy and not my pre-sell page.

    Due to the fact that I paid through Clickbank, I could at least get back the initial investment. Value for my time in failed training is lost.

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