Omega App Review 🚫 Stop Traffic Warning 🚫 Honest Omega Review

Honest Omega App Review

Today I am going to walk you through Bill Darrs latest product Omega App, I am going to show you why this product is another shiny object not worth your time or money! Learn how to build a real, evergreen, and honest business online for FREE – HTTPS://SCHOOLOFAFFILIATES.COM/

Today I give my honest Omega app review, I walk through Omega app sales page so you can see that this is completely misleading. I want to show you this so you can make an informed decision when looking to buy Omega.

I go inside Omega App members area so you can see exactly what this product does, spoiler alert it doesn’t seem to be working.

Even if this did work the traffic source you will be using is Telegram a messenger app that will only connect you with people you know or have access to their details.

Should you buy Omega App? Find out in today’s review.

0:00 Omega App Review
1:32 Omega sales page
4:19 Omega members area
9:13 Does Omega work?
10:40 Should you buy Omega?

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