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Hey rory sing here from the powerhouse today we’re, going to do a quick review of monetize 911 as well as the website in this review. What you’re, going to find out quickly uh! Is this legitimate or is this just another scam, can you really get thousands of stable coins completely free and also the ability to make a passive income opportunity by converting them into us dollars great britain, pounds and even euros? All of that in just a moment, welcome back.

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That way, you won’t miss out on any important information. I do a lot of reviews on this channel and in doing so as per request by some of my viewers who keep asking me to do these type of reviews. Sometimes i uncover some nasty schemes: okay, that have costed a lot of people, a lot of their hard earned money and, more importantly, crypto – that they didn’t even have okay.

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Okay. So here we are on the website. Um. First thing i want to know before we get into all of the claims is who’s behind the scheme. So apparently, this is the founder here gentleman by the name of leslie, robert wolf, who hails from nevada as well as california, based on some of the research that i did: okay uh in the past, he created a few other similar systems.

Okay um, i’m. Just looking for an address here. I’m, not singing any address. I’m just seeing a phone number 408-222-6472. You basically can call and leave a message speak clearly and slowly and leave a message, and i guess someone there will get back to you.

Um. Also there’s. Another gentleman here alan holmes platform director, so the main guy is leslie wolf and the second gentleman here is another guy named alan holmes: okay um. Now these are real people, real americans um.

So i’m. Not gonna have to go out there and do a lot of poking around. It was nice. I you know i’ve heard of this gentleman here leslie, because i did a few reviews in the past. I’m, pretty sure i reviewed one of his systems and i bumped into that name before so they’re real people in the u.

s. That is good news and it’s, nice to actually start off a review on this kind of note. Most of the systems that i’ve, been reviewing lately, are have been created by anonymous people and that they usually have a new trend where they hire actors to pretend to be ceos: okay, uh! So let’s, see what what are we looking into here? Let’s.

Just take a look at the marketing terminology. We are now generating over 2 000 new users every day, so you might want to consider jumping on a success. Bandwagon generate thousands of stable coins, completely free, nothing to buy, convert them to us dollar euros that they’re, not mentioning here and as well as great britain, pound sterling.

Okay, that i uncovered, and by doing more research now it sounds like you guys, are probably saying what’s. The catch there always is a catch somehow, some way some shape or form right. I will get into that in just a moment, but a stable coin.

What it is uh stable coin is a new class of cryptocurrencies that attempts to offer private price stability and backed by a reserve asset stable coins have gained traction as they attempt to offer the best of both worlds.

The instant processing and security of privacy, payments of cryptocurrencies and the volatility free, stable evaluations of fiat currencies; okay, so they’re, basically uh linked. They’re, basically, coins that are unnamed right unclaimed and they’re linking it.

Coins that are according to this stable coins may be pegged to a currency like the us dollar, but according to uh, this company here monetize 911. They’re, also claiming that it’s, pegged to euros as well as gridish, sorry, british pound sterling as well.

Okay, um. Now let’s, see what else i can uncover here, quick, five minute video. How much assets are available available can’t even speak. Today there are 3.7 trillion in assets. We just added another 6.

7 billion in rhodium over 2 billion in euros coming soon, as you can see, okay, how do how do i generate coins for free? First, you receive 25 and stable coins for yourself. One thing i got to mention: i i’m, not an affiliate of this deal.

Okay, i’m just i was just asked by one of my viewers to do a review on it and that’s. What i’m doing here quickly, so if you get in they’re, claiming that you’re, going to receive 25 stable coins free and you can join for free, okay, it sounds like you’re, giving Away money i mean – and you know, cryptocurrencies legitimate ones, anyways um that have actual value are worth.

You know a ton of a ton of uh dollars. So how the heck is that even possible? That’s? What we’re, going to find out in just a moment now let’s before we get into that referral program. If you decide to join here, you can sign up for free.

You receive 25 stable coins. You’ll. Also receive an additional 25 for each person organization. You personally refer to our program, so we’re, not going to give you 25. They’re, going to give you 25 worth of their stable coins.

Okay. Furthermore, you’ll, receive an additional five dollar in stable coins, from potentially thousands of others through their 4×10 matrix, so uh mlm side of things it’s. An mlm company uh product is the id of stable coins, no retailable products from what i’m, seeing here it’s based on network marketing recruitment and they’re using a 4×10 matrix cycler for the main compensation plan.

Now, cox, to get started, it’s free, but there is a catch um. They are. They’re, going to try and wean you into it’s, not very expensive. It’s 10 and 88 cents uh. Here’s, how to sign up and it’s. Uh they’re.

Trying to get you in as a una university spelled with a c supporter and founder. So it’s, kind of like uh, putting a package a founder’s package in front of you: low cost entry, ten dollars and 88 cents.

So the idea here is to get started for free and then um. You know try and convince you to upgrade to the 10 and 88 cents package now, based on on what i’m, seeing here on their own website. Since i’m, not a member, i’m only seeing this beer 10.

88 upgrade most likely, they have more or they’re, going to create more levels to get in as more people get started and more downline is generated. Company-Wide, okay, um! Let me just go back to my notes here: okay, now the catch stable coins, it’s sounding like hey, you guys could get rich quickly here, because you’re dealing with crypto right and you can join for free right.

But how is the company creating uh 25 worth of stable coins for to be able to give it to you for free? Well, the idea here, with these type of coins that they’re generating, is have you ever heard of the federal bank in the u.

s printing dollars and inflating the market right. Well, you know that’s, a better idea. Honestly, i’m, not inflating the market, but you know with the cost of of printing dollars with a fed bank. At least the government has to pay out.

They got to pay employees, they ‘ Ve got to pay guys to operate these huge machines to print money out of paper. They’ve got to hire security and it costs a lot of money to do so. The armed guard to watch this paper, then they have to hire armed guard as well as transport, that’s armed to transport.

These you know paper currencies to various warehouses and then they have to pay for storage, so it costs the government a lot. Even if they inflate the dollar by inflate the us dollars by printing more money but with the internet, la la land, people can just create.

I can create my own currency if i wanted to right, but it’d, be worthless and useless. So, in a nutshell, um the company owner here leslie wolf – can print not print it’s worse than printing they can.

He can create his own currency digital coin, his own token out of thin air right and then get a bunch of network marketers who are ambitious, get other people in the into the deal and try and get them to upgrade to the 10 levels and hopefully, for The company they have more levels that are hidden behind that.

To get you guys to upgrade even more now, leslie wolf is creating them out of thin air and claiming that they are worth a dollar one dollar us or one dollar euro or one dollar great britain pound. To give you guys uh some idea that there is a monetary value linked to these stable coins.

Okay, now with the world of crypto, it’s, a it’s, a huge rat race, a lot of people. Try to you know, get into crypto to fire their bosses and get out of the rat race, like you know, going and going to a draw a job commuting through heavy traffic to get out of that rat race and online with the crypto and then the schemes It’s, an even bigger rat race, so that’s.

What you’re looking at here and then. Lastly, what i’m, seeing here i’ve, seen some claims here, unregistered securities, offering okay. What i’m talking about, i seen the claim say on the website. You’ll, receive first movers advantage on all new products: okay, unique financial services in our upcoming fdic registered bank, which will include things like checking accounts.

They can pay one to two percent per month and you ‘ Ll have voting rights. No! No, no guys i don’t think so i don’t believe this. I don’t there’s. No federal bank um that’s, going to link themselves a real bank.

No real banks going to link themselves to network marketing there’s, nothing wrong with network marketing. If you have like lots of retail value-based products and services, but printing, not even printing, creating coins out of thin air through cyberspace and then getting other people into the deal, thinking that they’re, going to get rich, quick and easy right, it’s, just not going to happen! There’s, no bank, that’s, going to get involved yeah but say that’s, that’s; a load of bogus information; okay, but lastly, i’m, seeing that it if, based on the Terminology right here, one to two percent monthly and more right.

It’s, giving you a promise of passive roi. I’m, not seeing any registration on this website that this company is actually registered to offer you um securities, offering with the sec. Okay there’s. You know i’m, not even going to dig around.

I went round and round, but one thing you need to understand there’s, no network marketing company that can actually legitimately um register with the sec in the us or the canadian authorities, because, with securities register regulators, the first thing they’Re going to ask you to do is sign over the ability for them to audit your company.

Then you’re, going gonna have to show them where external revenue comes from to pay the investors, since they’re, claiming that you’re gonna get one to two percent uh monthly and more, and when, when The network marketing company says: well, we get it from network marketing recruitment, they get, they’ll get kicked out of the building, so they won’t even bother because they don’t want to embarrass themselves there’s, not a network marketing company.

Only a financial like bank or institution or stock broker can legally register with a security regulator for those of you who are trying to make money or passive income with with crypto and investments.

Look that up just type into google. What is a securities offering and learn more about that? It has to be registered, otherwise it’s, going to be an illegal fraudulent investment opportunity. So, at the end of the day, let me get to my quick conclusion and verdict.

I don’t, recommend it number one stable coins, it’s, useless, worthless tokens. People are going to get pay money starting off at the ten dollar packages, ten dollars and 88 cents and most likely work their way through to higher packages.

Okay, at the end of the day, you get a whole bunch of people in uh left holding the bag with with useless tokens. Okay um. If the company here could actually create and have tokens that hold actual value, why the heck would they need network marketing? That’s, something you really need to think about um now.

Lastly, i’ll, just look at the domain registration registered on 11, so that’s november 3rd 2019, updated november 2020 and traffic to the website. 14.7 percent. Coming from the us, 12.7 percent coming from mexico, 10.

9 percent coming from venezuela, okay, so i don’t, recommend it too many red flags here, um. You know i’m, not telling you what to do. If you guys, if it feels right for you by all means, go out there join it and promote it, do as you feel fit whatever is best for you go out there and do that.

This is just my verdict as a reviewer here on youtube. So i’m, going to close this off this review of of this company here, monetize 911. Okay, uh everything that i’m sharing with you here is public domain.

I’m. Also, i’m just looking at comments from someone who’s. Promoting the deal on youtube right, one of the network marketing promoters, and i just want to close off with the comments and see if you guys can see anything funky here.

One person says well done, looks like an interesting bank. Thank you for posting excited for this cash out. How do i cash up my coins, stable coins transfer to your bank? Okay, so guys says you’ll, be able to turn your stable coins into us dollar euro or g bp, great britain, pound bitcoin transfer to your bank and so on through your wallet when we fully launch so they’re, not in Uh this was one week ago, so estimated weight 45 days to see if that’s even possible.

Another person says: how soon can i withdraw? My country name is not on list pakistan. How can we register how to withdraw it?’s? Not available in african country, it’s fake or not. Please reply! I have 195 dollars in there, so people are trying to withdraw and they want to know if it’s, a scam.

Well guys, the only way to do, i know for sure is to take your money get into the you know. 10.88 package refer other people into the deal most likely they have higher level packages. If, if i owned a company that’s, what i would do not just create a 10.

88 package, if i’m going to create the coins out of thin air, i would just you know, get a whole bunch of other levels, like A hundred dollar level and a 300 level a 500 level, but since i’m, not an affiliate, i can’t see if they actually have higher levels to get in other people involved in.

At the end of the day, i don’t recommend it once network marketing, recruitment, uh dries up right and every system on the planet has an expiry date. Uh. Once that happens, uh the great majority of people are gonna get left holding um a bunch of useless tokens.

It’s, not like you’re gonna get bitcoin and ethereum from joining this company for free or even upgrading to 11 bucks guys. That concludes my review of monetize 911. Thank you for watching um, as i close off here.

If you didn’t subscribe, find the big red button subscribe and even click on that bell, notification, icon and lastly, if you’re, looking for a legitimate way to make a full-time income online, get access to powerful opportunity underneath this video First link in the description.

Thank you guys for watching. I will see you on the next one. Take care you

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