Matt Diggity Reviews Gear Hungry [Affiliate SEO Audit]

A nose-dive! In this SEO audit, you’ll find out how Gear Hungry went from one of the most popular affiliate websites to almost “non-existent” and why Google’s December 2020 Core Update could be to blame…

Check my Google’s December 2020 Core Update video here:

Here’s a quick mini-guide on how to recover lost rankings with Surfer SEO

Here’s my analysis…
00:00 Introduction
01:11 Social Activities
04:24 Indexed Pages
07:08 Traffic Change VS % of Pages Graph
08:17 Sanity Check: Annihilated Sites
09:11 The impact of content categorizations

**Gear Hungry’s Ahrefs Results Analysis**
11:43 Site Explorer
13:23 Site Audit
16:12 Referring Domains

**On-site SEO**
19:13 Single Page
23:40 Surfer SEO: Surfer Audit Analysis
29:21 Multi-Page
30:37 Internal Backlinks via Ahrefs

33:51 “About Us” Page Review
35:52 Summary


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