MASSIVE DIVIDEND YIELD 2021 (How To Drive Monthly Dividend Income)

Want to earn massive dividend income (passive income)? Today’s video shares several dividend-oriented investments that offer all the way up to 8.28% dividend yield (distribution yield). I’m also excited to cover several different sample portfolio allocations. Get ready for a video about some really amazing dividend ETFs (exchange traded funds).
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0:00 Introduction: I want to share some great dividend-oriented investments that offer monthly cash flow right now, in 2021. The value of cash is eroding, but these high-yielding ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) can drive tremendous passive income.
2:57 The value of fiat currency (cash) is eroding away. I’m looking for high-yield investment vehicles to maintain my purchasing power and add some extra purchasing power.
3:20 With the stock market at all-time highs, these ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) pay the investor to wait.
6:06 XYLG ETF: High-yield and growth
7:36 This is a very new ETF, that has only traded in a bull market
8:13 Dividend distribution yield of 4.86%
9:58 IMPORTANT THOUGHT EXERCISE: Mix and match different ETFs for the best possible return (one option for larger investors)
12:53 Key Takeaway: Think like an institutional investor
15:06 JEPI ETF: High-yield and growth
15:27 I like XYLD so much because a lot of these other funds are newer, and just don’t have as much history.
17:12 JEPI is actively managed (they pick and choose S&P 500 stocks)
18:12 Cool tax insight: JEPI does not do return of capital (like XYLD)
20:40 NUSI ETF: High current dividend income with downside share price protection
20:45 Dividend yield is 7.89%
21:52 They purchase downside put protection
23:00 OHI (looks interesting)
23:40 NLY (not for me because it’s an mREIT with a downward trend)
24:27 MMP (looks interesting)
25:34 SDIV (not for me)
26:33 Takeaway: I like to cross investments off my list to keep my process streamlined.
27:58 $10,000 portfolio
28:09 I love stablecoins! Check out my PPC Ian Crypto YouTube channel. (Disclosure: I am a Voyager and BlockFi affiliate.)
29:22 $50,000 portfolio
30:26 $100,000 portfolio
31:06 $1,000,000 portfolio
31:19 My favorite covered call ETFs are XYLD, JEPI, and NUSI
34:04 These strategies can make sense for businesses as well
34:50 Check out my Patreon!

DISCLOSURE: I am a BlockFi affiliate. I am a Voyager affiliate.

DISCLOSURE: I am long Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). I own this stocks in my personal stock portfolio. I am also long US Dollar Coin (USDC) and Gemini US Dollar Coin (GUSD). Also, I may initiate a position in XYLD (or one of the other ETFs discussed in the video) sometime soon.

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  • Good video! I recently started building up an emergency cash savings using QYLD, XYLD, and NUSI.

  • Ian always informative. I wanted to give you kudos for ABBV. I bought some a year ago and nearly doubled my money and the dividends are great. That one will be a keeper for me.

    Just wanted to give you a couple of things I've been investing and looking into. I currently own PFF and it pays monthly and seems to have some upside for growth. Also, came across this one, GOOD. It pays monthly as well. Thanks again for all the investment info. It's greatly appreciated as I'm currently on the cusp of retirement.

  • TEF is a safe dividend with growth and on an uptrend. Thanks

  • Definitely learnt a lot! I’m currently investing in stocks & this made me my first million with the help of a licensed U.S broker who manages my investment & has helped me achieve over a million dollars stock portfolio trading for me

  • Hey IAN how would you invest 200k right now in this market. Love your input

  • I’m using CSQ and BST to hedge against QYLD

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  • I've been burned in the past by high yield investments. What about municipal bond ETFs? Decent yield without the federal tax bite. Maybe not as juicy as JEPI or NUSI….but feels a bit safer?

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  • mlps now your really talking tax headache

  • love nusi but the put they have trails way down for huge protection……Not so good for small volatility

  • Jepi if you look at it they hold etn notes as part of the way they make income and I am note comfortable with these notes, Just me.

  • These covered calls are good to build income to put into growth dividend stocks

  • Thats what I do Ian. 75% Qyld and 25%Qylg and Nusi

  • XYLD may drop when it approaches $51-53

  • Awesome Video Great JOB…

  • If you're looking for a growth stock to put into your portfolio so that you can sell it in the future and put that money in dividend stocks, you should buy shares of Atossa therapeutics, ATOS.

  • Total return more important. You make 3% dividend but stock is down 20%. Destroying your wealth

  • Appreciate the tips, but to say it mildly in a crash u f-ed

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    I just stumbled to ya Channel about Stocks .

    And I'm Being 💯 with you🤳🤝🤝🤔🤔👍🏿

    I'm 19yr And Live in A Bad Neighborhood in Chiraq.

    But never was in know gangs. I wanted to try to learn about Sticks.. I only got cash app and starting teaching myself about putting a dollar here and there on different stocks. $1.17 earned me $7.13
    So I been hooked for the Last 3months.

    But I wanna say you have A New Subscriber because the WAY YOU break it down for everyone to do better So THANKS

  • A dividend investor! Salt of the Earth!

  • Thanks Ian for putting together these last 2 videos. #thuglifebby

  • Ian in the long term is not growth better than dividend growth stocks? I know this video was about cash flow but for planning for future retirement?

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