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Daisy EndoTech REVIEW, Overview Exactly How Daisy Works
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In today’s exciting YouTube video from ‘Passive Crypto Reviews’, we do a complete review / overview of Daisy, EndoTech and the Passive and Active benefits of this amazing program.
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Endotech is an exciting, cutting edge trading company that uses AI to achieve Massive trading success. They have been in business since 2012. On December 21, 2020 Endotech is scheduled to launch Daisy.
It is sure to the be largest launch of the year if not ever.
Daisy uses an Equity Crowdfunding model within Financial Technologies. (FinTech). D.AI.SY is a Decentralized Finance Application.
(DeFi App). D.AI.SY is a Smart Contract that operates on the Blockchain. D.AI.SY is a Global Community not a company. D.AI.SY offers profit rewards and stock equity to all Members.
Crowdfunding is used to capitalize the D.AI.SY advanced AI Project. Daisy uses a decentralized Artificial Intelligence technology developed by EndoTech. D.AI.SY AI is the next generation of AI trading.
This AI will increase current AI performance by a factor of four. (4x).
Our AI is the first project capitalized by the D.AI.SY Crowdfunding Project. D.AI.SY rewards 85% of trading profits to D.AI.SY Members. D.AI.SY AI is EndoTech’s vehicle to become a publicly traded company.
The primary technology partner for the D.AI.SY Crowdfunding Project. A Global FinTech company specializing in advanced AI Trading Technology. EndoTech has published a roadmap to become a publicly traded company in 2022.
EndoTech currently provides proprietary AI Trading Technology to Financial Institutions. EndoTech has a proven track record of high-performance results. Founded by Dr. Anna Becker and operated by top AI Scientists.
Her deep-learning algorithms manage over 1 Billion dollars of investment (AuM) and have been deployed in managing institutional monies for more than a decade.
Dr. Becker’s teams of AI scientists have more than 20 proprietary AI systems in operation and serve as the AI investing backbone of trading at more than 150 investment firms across the United States, Europe and Asia.
At the age of 20 Anna found an approximation algorithm by a factor of two, which now has wide applications in operating systems, database systems, and VLSI chip design.
Worked with CME/CBOT, FCM’s and other participants of Futures and Commodities eco-system, to promote algorithmic trading platform to retail and institutional clients.
Following her PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the elite Technion University, Dr. Becker has founded and sold several AI companies in the FinTech space and is now the founder and CEO of Endotech.
Her publications have been distributed in the leading AI financial circles across Europe and America, and her Machine Learning systems have been integrated into the some of the world’s largest and most successful
banks and funds worldwide including Dragon Holdings to MFGlobal. CONTACT ME: Telegram @largewall
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