March Madness Betting Sites for 2020 – Safest NCAAB Gambling Websites

March madness betting is the best kind of madness, with the possible exception of Macho Madness (oooh yeah!). The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is a single-elimination tournament contested every spring in the United States. It currently features 68 college basketball teams from the Division I level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The winner is crowned the national championship. The competition was the brainchild of Ohio State coach Harold Olsen. It was made official in 1939 by the National Association of Basketball Coaches. Played mostly during March – hence March Madness betting – it has become one of the most popular yearly sporting events in the United States. The tournament includes champions from 32 Division I conferences – they get automatic bids). As well as 36 teams which get at-large berths.
These at-large bids are given by an NCAA selection committee. They are then announced in a nationally televised event on the Sunday before the First Four play-in games. This event is currently held in Dayton, Ohio, and known as Selection Sunday. The 68 teams are distributed among four regions and arranged into a single-elimination bracket. This bracket pre-determines, when a team wins a game, which team it will play in the next round. Each team is seeded from 1 to 16 in its region. Following the First Four, the competition plays out over the course of three weekends, at pre-selected neutral sites across the country.
Teams, seeded by rank, go through a single-game elimination bracket starting with a “first four” comprising eight low-seeded teams. Those teams play in four games for a spot in the first round. The Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the first round, a first round of 64 teams playing in 32 games during the course of a week. The Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight rounds the following week and weekend. And during the last weekend of the tournament, the Final Four round. The Final Four is usually played over the first weekend of April. These four teams, one from each region (East, South, Midwest, and West), play in a preselected site for the national championship.
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It offers one of the lowest minimum stakes in the web and enjoys a reputation as trustworthy and serious. Intertops already has a long tradition of integrity and happy customers all over the world. Intertops’ cutting edge technology provides an enjoyable gaming experience. All transactions, from opening an account to collecting winnings, can be completed in seconds online. Its software is audited every month by independent chartered accountants who notarize the payout ratio. Intertops guarantees that all personal information is handled in strict confidence and is never shared with third parties. The Xbet staff has pioneered online betting as well as influenced the evolution of social media marketing. They believe in the fundamental three Rs; Reliability, Reputation and Real fast payouts. To make that possible, a new betting website was required. One that reimagined what the perfect betting website would need to offer customers. From first-time bettors to seasoned professionals. Secondly, easy and secure deposit/withdrawal options were needed. This was accomplished with 256 bit encryption and secure socket layers certificates (SSL). With it, customers can play confidently and securely. Xbet features live betting odds, low rollover bonuses, special promotions, 48-hour payouts, 24/7 phone and live chat support, and a wide variety of sports betting odds. The March Madness betting experience at Xbet should utterly satisfy you. Don’t forget to ask about their promotions and bonuses for new and old customers. March Madness betting customers looking to make the most of their online gaming experience can do that here. GT Bets includes daily sports betting lines. Bettors can earn plenty of rewards through the GameTimeRewards program. Each real money sports bet played yields points, which can be used to win cash, discounted plane tickets, Kindle Fire’s, smartphones and iPods. Bettors can increase their rewards by moving up to the Gold or Platinum levels, where prizes are easily acquired. GTBets is one of the industry leaders when it comes to new and innovative promotions.
Discover all the promos by visiting the GT Bets blog. Or just check the sports bonus page. You will get exclusive offers for playing online March Madness betting. If you ever have questions or doubts just contact customer support by email, live chat or phone. The customer service team is available every day of the week during office hours. Therefore you can expect an expedite answer to your questions.
How we rank the top March Madness betting websites
There are many online sportsbooks which feature real money markets for March Madness betting. How can you choose the best? We employ a team of sports betting experts who assess several aspects of all betting sites and perform a careful evaluation. The highest-ranking March Madness betting websites are then rated accordingly and added to the list that immediately preceded this paragraph. We have a criteria for ranking online gambling sites in every category. Things are not set in stone either. There may be changes a depending on the category. For the purposes of this article, we consider exclusively the aspects that are most germane to March Madness betting. These are the primary factors we take into account when rating the top March Madness betting websites.
You need to know that you are entrusting your money to a March Madness betting site that enforces all of the protocols needed to ensure that your money is in good hands. That is to say, you want to patronize only the most secure and dependable March Madness betting websites. Those that have been properly licensed and boast an unblemished reputation. Every single online sportsbook on our list complies with those requisites. Thus, you can trust that your money and personal information are handled with the utmost care. Once we make sure that a March Madness betting site can be trusted, we move on other critical aspects.
A site cannot join our list of recommended March Madness betting sites if it does not offer a strong array of tried-and-true payment methods that process all transactions with they caution they warrant. Each customer should have the ability to deposit and withdraw money in a manner that is quick and reliable. Dependable payment methods include credit and debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Bank wire transfers, Western Union, and Paysafecard. Not all betting websites feature all of those options, but at least a couple should be made available. Deposits should be immediate, and withdrawals should be processed in a reasonable length of time. Some of the best March Madness betting websites enable deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other popular options like Ethereum. This is a nice option for customers who bet within the United States.
Betting Markets
March Madness betting markets are essential as well. We do not recommend betting sites unless they provide a wide variety. Moneylines, spreads, and totals for individual games are as basic as it gets. In addition, there must be a good selection of futures and outrights so that you can bet on a team to win the championship or reach a certain stage like the Final Four or Elite Eight. Prop bets must not be overlooked either. These can range from straightforward bets to quirky wagers like betting on the number of buzzer-beating shots in the tournament. Some prop bets can seem a little unusual, but there is often great value hidden in the more uncommon wagers.
Competitive Odds
This might seem almost like it should go without saying. However, but it is of the essence to get the best possible odds and lines when it comes to March Madness betting. If you want the best prospects for winning money, you need to get the most value for your best. Our recommended March Madness betting websites work with low betting margins. That means that their odds and lines offer a consistent competitiveness. They also keep their prices up to date, so that you can make the most of changing odds in certain circumstances.
Live betting
The best part of in-play betting is that it can supply an extra level of excitement to each game as well as increase the potential to earn money. That is the reason we favor online sportsbooks that feature live betting on March Madness. Live betting is in effect at the majority of our recommended sites for each game of the tournament. That means that you have a plethora of chances to place some good value bets while enjoying some tippy-top basketball. All regular betting options such as point spreads, over/under points, and moneylines are available, together with some one of a kind opportunities.
Bonuses and Promotions
The savage competition among sportsbooks benefits customers. There are so many gambling establishments on the internet that they are obligated to constantly better their services and offer bettors more bang for their buck. A direct result of this is the myriad bonuses and promotions available. There are a lot of conventional deals that can enhance your chances of success. But you can also find exclusive March Madness betting promotions. You should pay attention as the tournament nears because many of the best March Madness websites will unveil their limited-time offers.
Why Join March Madness Betting Websites?
Depending on where you reside, you may or may not be able to use a number of options to bet on March Madness. At any rate, we are of the opinion that online gambling is where it’s at. These are some of the reasons that using March Madness betting websites is the best alternative to bet on the competition.
Safe Environment
Maybe the biggest advantage of using one or several of the top March Madness betting sites is convenience. There is no need to travel or phone your wagers in. You can simply log in to the site of your choosing, make your picks, and get your money down. If you have already decided what to bet on, it generally takes no more than a few seconds to complete the entire process. It is quick, it is simple and it is safe. We cannot overstress the importance of safety. You do not need to carry any cash on you as if you were betting in a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Every transaction is processed in a safe and secure environment. Your personal details and banking information are fully protected. Provided of course that you are using respectable betting websites. Such as those we recommend.
Betting Any Time
Sometimes it comes to be that you need to lay a bet in a hurry. Perhaps you have just decided you want to bet on a game that’s about to begin. Or maybe you have just gotten a hot tip, and you want to place a wager before the odds and lines change. Regardless of the reason make haste, online betting makes this easy. Just turn on your computer, and you will be able to make your bet in no time flat. What’s more, nowadays you don’t even need your computer or laptop. Your smartphone or any other mobile device will suffice. Many of the best March Madness betting sites are fully functional with all major mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows phones. You seldom need to download an app and can just use a mobile-friendly version of their platform.
More Betting Alternatives
We have gone over how the variety of betting markets is an important aspect when rating online sportsbooks. But we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that you get many more choices online than anywhere else. This is a huge perk, as more betting markets to pick from equals a better chance of finding good value bets to make. Furthermore, spreading your bets across several markets is bound to decrease your overall risk exposure and can result in a higher likelihood of making money from March Madness betting. You should also know that live betting is available exclusively at online sportsbooks. This unlocks even more betting alternatives and opportunities for winning money.
Improved odds
As can be imagined, even the smallest difference in March Madness betting prices could be the deciding factor between losing and winning in the long haul. The best betting websites mostly provide odds and lines with a very close margin. So that you constantly get good prices and improved value. You would do well to join a few of our top-ranked March Madness betting sites and get some line shopping done. This will help to improve your winnings even further by making sure you get the best possible odds for every bet you make.
More value
Bonuses and promotions available at the top March Madness betting websites are unto themselves a good enough reasons to bet online. The added value these offers can help you pad out your bankroll. You usually get the most value from online sportsbooks as a new customer. Which supports our advice regarding joining several March Madness betting websites. Because then you can make the most of all the sign-up bonuses. Since March Madness is such an important sporting event, most websites will feature special promotions and offers pertinent to the competition. As a result, even if you already have accounts at our recommended sites, you can nonetheless enjoy plenty of extra value. Considering that these bonuses and promotions are so valuable, let’s take a more detailed look at each of them.
March Madness Betting Bonuses and Promotions
Sign-up Bonuses
This is not a March Madness-exclusive bonus. However, you can nevertheless combine it with the NCAA basketball tourney. All of the online sportsbooks we recommend are very prodigal with new customers. You can receive a sign-up bonus that will immediately enhance your bankroll. There are a few different alternatives here. One is to get some additional money based on your first deposit. There are free bet opportunities as well, and much more. It depends on the site, but you should make the most of the special bonus for new customers that the each site offers. It remains one of the most valuable bonus of every betting site on the internet.
Loyalty Programs
Enticing a bettor to join is one thing. Another matter entirely is to keep them happy. This is something all of our top March Madness betting sites are aware of. As a result, many of them feature some kind of a loyalty program designed to reward returning customers. If you play with real money on a regular basis, you will probably be able to earn free bets, cash bonuses, and other benefits.
March Madness Betting Specials
The top betting websites know that March Madness is very important. The NCAA Division I tourney gives enables them to attract new customers as well as encourage the existing ones to gamble on March Madness online. Consequently, you will often find several exclusive March Madness offers. They could be limited-time-only deposit bonuses, odds boosters, and everything in between. Make sure to visit the promo page of your preferred betting site in order not to miss the chance to win even more money.
March Madness Betting Tip
It’s time to summarize what we have already learned with a few quick pointers.
Use Our the Betting Sites We Recommend
Our highest-ranking March Madness betting websites were selected by an expert team with years of combined experience in sports betting and basketball. Additionally, our list is regularly updated, and we try to add new sportsbooks that deserve to be added and remove those who have fallen from grace. All things considered, you can be sure that you will join one of the best March Madness betting websites available without wasting time or money to assess the innumerable options on the web.
Use Multiple Sites
It’s not hard to find one good March Madness betting website and remain with it. Many people do that, but let’s ponder a few things. Using just one site means that you are missing out on many benefits that are inherent to having multiple online betting accounts. For example more and better promotions as well as the ability to shop around for the best prices.
Comparing Odds and Lines
We have already hinted at the importance of line shopping. What sometimes may seem like only a small difference can grow bigger in time. Getting even only a few percentages more on your winning bets can have a significant impact your long-term results. That is why you should always do your homework and find the best line and the highest odds for your March Madness online wagers.
Increase Value with Bonuses and Promotions
We have also already discussed March Madness bonuses and promotions. Thus, we will not dwell too long on this. It bears repetition, though. Remember, the betting websites out there are vying for your business, and they are eager to have you become their patron and continue playing with them. Take them up on it.

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