Maker: Decentralized organizations and stablecoins

The ups and downs of the price of Bitcoin can make actually buying things with it a little bit tough. Maker is attempting to solve that with their stablecoin. Kenny from the Maker team explains.



  • Impressive presentation. Thanks so much for this video. Is it possible to create a stable coin whose value will be pecked to the annual GDP report of a country???. E.g. UK's GDP last year was 2500billion dollars, can a hypothetical coin, UKcoin be valued at 2500 dollars in relation with the GDP of the UK???

  • not sure I'm selling

  • looks like doing interview in bathroom.

  • Sitting on the toilet, having his laptop resting on his laps, so the screen moves constantly when he speaks. This is just annoying to watch. How do you expect ppl to take you seriously? The substance is certainly way more important than the form. But being this low…? The other guy also, how about a little less outdoor?

  • Why is this guy sitting on the crapper during the interview? He couldn't find a better place?

  • Far too complicated…. I have MKR, small amount, don't remember where I got them… any-how, how does one exchange them? Any advise welcome…

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