MailerLite Headaches: Honest Review Of Mailerlite

As great as Mailerlite is, there are some serious downsides to using it and for some businesses it may actually be a terrible solution. This Mailerlite review covers the top 5 reasons you may not want to rely on them for your email marketing.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Load Lag
2:24 – Automation Ceiling
5:58 – Testing Delays
7:15 – Data Caps
8:00 – Affiliates Rejected
10:07 – BONUS
11:46 – Outro

MailerLite Headaches: Honest Review Of Mailerlite

Is mailerlite worth it? Is there any reason why shouldn’t you use MailerLite?

In this mailerlite review video, we will share with you five reasons you might not use Mailerlite’s autoresponder services for your email marketing. Yes, as much as I like Mailerlite as a free email marketing software still there are some painful downsides to this email marketing software.

Of course, you need to know these downsides before you dive in. But don’t get me wrong, I still use and recommend using mailerlite, and this is still one of the best free email marketing software out there.

MailerLite is an email marketing platform for all types of business, even for beginners! There are a lot of things you can do with Mailerlite such as mailerlite email automation, sending general broadcasts, building a landing page, and can even help with your list building strategies.

Now the good news is, Mailerlite is one of two platforms that allows for full email automation with their free plan. The downside is you’re going to hit a ceiling pretty quick once you start creating advanced checkouts and funnels.

With this mailerlite review you will know the top five reasons you might not use Mailerlite in advance and consider other email marketing tools. Thus, you will be mentally prepared in the future and avoid the stress of encountering these problems the first time.

Though there are a lot of things you can do with Mailerlite but everything has its downside. As the saying goes, nobody’s perfect, even for your software. However, if you know how to use mailerlite and how can this help you in growing your business, maybe you can look past these disadvantages.

I should also note that you need to have a website in order to use the software. Make sure you double check all of your links before your emails go live. You need to tell Mailerlite that each link is for a new tab/window – otherwise they won’t work.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different choices, you can watch our best email marketing software 2020 video, where we compared Mailchimp vs. Convertkit vs. MailerLite. There are still other good email software other than MailerLite.

So if you want to reconsider other choices or stick to MailerLite watch this mailerlite review 2020 so you can learn everything you need to know about MailerLite.
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  • Comment below with your Mailerlite questions!

  • Thank you so much Jason. This was perfect for me. I was trying to determine between Mailer lite and send in blue.

    Both appear to be great options. However it seems like for me as a solo financial advisor, Mailer lite offers more for less money.

    Again great review and many thanks

  • You are incorrect with behavioural automations, MailerLite has condition steps that can split automations into 2 paths

  • Thanks Jason 😀 , you're a champ

  • Hey Jason, awesome review. I've actually moved from mailchimp over to mailerlite because of your videos and because of the automatons. We are going to be transitioning our website from wordpress to squarespace and I'm wondering if you have any experience using squarespace's email platform (I know it's paid). I plan to stick with mailerlite for now but the idea of having everything in one place is becoming more and more attractive. Would love your thoughts.

  • Hi can I get an personal email with mailer lite thats not gmail with mailer lite? How do I do that pls

  • Hi Jason, im just curious why you use mailerlite instead of aweber or get response when they both have a higher deliverability rate than mailerlite

  • How do you get a mailerlite free account as a freelancer without a website? I keep getting disapproved

  • This was so helpful! Ahhhh now I don’t know if I use convert kit or mailer lite 😆

  • A lot of features have come in in automation now i think? Is it good for ecommerce? Compared o Metorik for wordpress

  • Great review! I'm curious, with all of the issues you pointed out, why are you still using Mailerlite?

  • This is great information! Thanks!

  • The one recommendation that was a disaster is mailerlite. It took me so many videos from Jason to understand how to make it work and bang! the harassment & Policing questions on my mailer list completely destroyed my excitement and interest. Guys just avoid Mailerlite as they will ask you questions on every email you send like, where did you get this email from, how did you acquire this email, how old is it? and all this happens after they have blocked your account so all your promotions are on a freeze! I just hate it.

  • Hi Jason, you are awesome.
    I want to know if mailerlite integrates with Optimizepress 2.0,

  • Put your hands in your pockets! Windmill arms are very distracting.

  • MailerLite is the absolute worst. You haven't even scratched the surface with broken integrations every now n then and DAYS worth of down times!

  • I had a Mailerlite employee target me. They would add themselves to my list after I deleted them, repeatedly and within the hour. They just so happened to trash my products as well. I've been looking for a replacement for months and struggling with the challenges there. None of the reveiws I'm finding of these companies are tackling the hurdles I've had with them or going into the most cost effective options with practical comparisons. I did learn something from your prior review when mentioning a WordPress plugin, but I couldn't help but notice that's not how you've chosen to do business. It seems problematic, without knowing details.

  • Anyone else experiencing a weird shuddering during this video?

  • How are you bro? One quick question.
    Which platform do you use for creating landing pages for google ads? I am confused about how to built landing pages for google ads.

  • Hi Jason, thank you for another great video. I have a free account I created to test a bit mailer lite and it worked for me. I’m still a bit confused on where to go next. I’m starting to build a list and your videos compared mailerlite as a great free choice but what about a paid version on a budget for people starting to work or grow their lists? In my case for example I’m willing to spend a bit of money to be able to have a few extras and to be able to white label my campaigns. I thought Mailerlite was a good option as it looks a solid tool and the price is really good as well. What would you recommend for someone who is willing to go on a paid plan but not willing to waste the valuable money at the start if not necessary. Is Mailerlite still the best paid toll for a not heavy user who is just starting? Thanks!

  • Sendinblue has been good for me!

  • Hello from Malaysia.
    Been following you for a few months and watch your videos each time you post them. Learned a lot. Thank you

  • I purchased MailerLite with your recommendation and overall experience is good 🙂
    The only issue is emails going into the promotions tab. Any solution for that?

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