Lori Alexander and Single Mothers Financial Advice

Back when I was doing a review of The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander’s book “The Power of the Transformed Wife” it was pretty clear that Alexander had no idea about money. How to make it, how to save it, or even simply how to make it last. Her only advice was buy used and do not use credit cards. Today she’s giving out single mothers financial advice. It makes no more sense than her original financial advice.
I have to note that the majority of this post is merely cobbled together paragraphs that were originally posted on Lori’s Twitter and/or Instagram account. It’s only the last paragraph that is original to this piece and that’s what we’re looking at. The rest involves her extreme hatred of daycare and working mothers. The finest in blaming and shaming.
Then there’s this:
If you are a single mother or a wife who must work in order to help pay the bills, I encourage you to read The Tightwad Gazette and seek the Lord for wisdom. What He commands, He provides. Ask Him to make a way for you to make some money from home. There are many ways to do this and the greatest way is to learn to live simply and frugally; for a penny saved is a penny earned. Even the poor in this country are richer than most people who have ever lived on this planet. Nothing besides food and clothing is more important for children than their mothers being home full time with them.
The idea of working from home isn’t a bad one. It’s the only practical one that Lori gives here. More and more marketing, sales, and customer service jobs along with other professions are moving to an online venue. Here, living overseas, there are oodles of people who work online. A big one that many people here do is working as an online English teacher for the Asian market. For a single mother that might be a great option for earning money from home.
Lori’s other suggestions? Hmm, not so much.
Tightwad Gazette has been around a long time. I remember having a copy back in the early or mid 90s. The advice is incredibly dated, with things such as doing without a computer because only certain businesses really need computers. Buying a second hand set of encyclopedias. Dumpster diving for food. It’s a relic of its time and much is outdated for our technology driven world.
Lori claims that there is nothing more important to children after food and clothing except their mothers being home full-time for them. What about a decent roof overhead? A home with running water or hot water? Electricity? There are so many variables that make up a proper home for a child, that they desperately need. A stay at home mom is a luxury item, not a necessity.

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