Is ClickBank Legit? | Pros & Cons You NEED To Know! | Affiliate Marketing Review

ClickBank is the leader in affiliate marketing networks and has been helping people make money online since 1998. Today I want to step back and take an honest look at ClickBank to answer the simple question, “Is ClickBank LEGIT?”. Let’s put ClickBank to the test and see if it is truly the leader in the “Make Money Online” market.

00:00 Is ClickBank Legit?
01:09 Pro #1
01:58 Con #1
03:10 Pro #2
03:53 Con #2
05:02 Switch Up!
05:09 Con #3
06:02 Pro #3
07:27 Con #4
08:14 Pro#4
09:09 What Have We Learnt?
09:31 Thank You For Watching!

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