Is CARDANO (ADA), CHAINLINK (LINK) & THETA About to TAKE OFF! 🚀 NEWS: Banks + Stablecoins

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  • make your bed….you bum! or is mommy on vacation?

  • Very technical mustard stuff…

  • These charts are not really needed for the discussions. Look at the charts on your own time then come in and have a real involving convo about whats going on with each crypto. As soon as people see these charts its distracting.

  • No Mr Trump winning the election will cause the Elite to pull the rug out from under everything. Learn to eat rice with your fingers.

  • I really struggle to listen to those thinking retail buyers and sellers have any effect on these markets. It couldn’t be more obvious that the Fed is pulling the strings on both stocks and cryptos. Simultaneous drops when Tether volume spikes….c’mon. These support and resistance lines, candles and wicks…the Fed is laughing uncontrollably every day.

  • Little About #THETA
    A few years ago Google invented WebRTC which allows any browser to share bandwidth with other browsers (nodes). A few companies ran with the idea and produced P2P CDNs taking advantage of the more efficient way of getting more data to more people more efficiently eg StriveCast (article written before the Theta patent) The problem these companies ran into though is how to INCENTIVIZE nodes to participate. This is why StriveCast customers tend to be corporate networks. ie the people in the network participate in bandwith sharing because their company tells them to. (This is obviously a limited non-mass market)

    Theta took hold of WebRTC and solved the problem of how to incentivize nodes by introducing Tfuel crypto micro-payments.

    Now EVERYONE benefits from participating in the 'mesh' by sharing their bandwith and receiving Tfuel micropayment rewards.

    Until now Theta geeks have focused on the streaming sites who will inevitably adopt and benefit from implementing this new Theta protocol – eg Netflix / Amazon / YouTube etc. These services will massively reduce their streaming CDN costs by offloading traffic via the mesh and they will gain massive user participation / engagement as their viewers earn Tfuel rewards (branded 'Netflix points') and redeem those rewards by tipping / voting / subscribing etc.

    This is a dream come true for media marketing bods – and engagement strategies will abound as marketers exploit the interactivity made possible by smart contracts and NFTs to chase the holy grail of increased user loyalty and engagement.

    But this is not the full picture. The penny only really dropped when I saw this video by a guy from within the data center industry.

    Theta Network and how it will leverage existing data center assets.

    The incentives to end-users to participate in the mesh are nothing compared to the incentives to data centres and CDNs themselves. They will adopt the protocol because it saves them money. Once one moves the others will follow. This is the new internet. It leverages underutilized upstream bandwith on millions of phones, TVs, laptops, in-car computers to solve the problem of last mile data delivery and reduces the hardware burden on centralized data centres.

    When 5G enters the mix the amount of data shared across the mesh will increase exponentially. Expect rapid progression towards Edge computing solutions as required by IOT devices.

    Earlier this year Theta entered into a business partnership with Google. A few weeks later – miraculously – they were granted the FULL US PATENT protecting the decentralized streaming technology described above. No one else can implement it – or anything similar using any other blockchain technology.

    So, the new internet will soon run on a patent-protected protocol owned by a business which is in partnership with Google, based on a technology (WebRTC) which Google invented.

    In other words, Google has basically co-invented the new internet with Theta and staked its rightful claim in it

    This is the realization which is gradually spreading across the internet right now and why Theta is mooning.

    The next step will be for Theta to carry out its stated plan of deploying its bandwith sharing software on each of Google Cloud's Stadia nodes. Theta have already stated that Google's CDN will be the de-facto support CDN for the Theta protocol – which turned round the other way – means Google's CDN will be the first to benefit from direct integration with the Theta protocol to improve its data serving efficiency. Once this happens then things should get very interesting.

    Welcome to the new internet By Moby

  • Dude looks like Shoenice.

  • What is the name of this technical indicator using numbers 1-9 ?

  • Mathematically, the price will always return to the moving average, not because it's any sort of support or resistance, but because of how MA's are calculated. To attribute any sort of support or resistance to MA's is akin to reading tea leaves. It's reflexivity and confirmation bias at it's finest.

    There is zero technical evidence explaining the hulking green ADA candle. Few can even point to any genuine data that produced the price rise. So in the absence of genuine data any story will do.

  • Could we create something that could make preorders real people and not BOTS ? Let’s put a end to SCALPERS #Ada #Cardano

  • Digital Asset News sent me here. Subbed and liked. What indicator is he using that produces the candles with the red or green numbers?

  • So in typical 2020 (and crypto fashion), this market is bipolar and could rally to ATH tomorrow or dump lol.

  • G

    Nice analysis thanks. Big Cardano fan here. There will be a string of positive developments over the rest of the year for this project. Catalyst just launched which lets the community vote to spend Treasury funds on promising projects that will grow the ecosystem. There is also an announcement on Sept 30th regarding the roll out schedule for the smart contract platform which I think will be positive. I think the differentiating factors of the tech will become increasingly evident to the crypto community over the next 6 months.

  • New here and find these reviews very good! Thank you gentlemen 👍

  • Whats the bad news????

  • When do the options expire for btc?

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