Is Affiliate Marketing a SCAM? Beaware of Fake Online Gurus!

Thinking To Start Career in Affiliate Marketing?

As an affiliate, you need to understand the biggest TRAP in affiliate marketing, or you may get scammed by affiliate marketing fake gurus!

Then, I request you to watch it completely to understand the in and out of Affiliate MArketing by saving your time and money both by doing affiliate marketing correctly.

Why do some people thing Affiliate Marketing is a SCAM?

Affiliate marketing has a relatively good reputation in general, but it sometimes gets a bad rap because there have been some actual scams.

Most of the scams in the affiliate marketing space happen with affiliate marketing courses. While there are plenty of great affiliate marketing training courses and resources out there, there are lots — and I mean lots — of people who don’t know what they’re talking about trying to make a quick buck by selling “training.” and products of the platform they are making the systems on.

People sign up for these courses, don’t learn anything and don’t make any money, and then come to the very understandable conclusion that affiliate marketing scam.

My intention in ths video is to share you my experience of nearly 4 years on Digital Marketing & Affiliate Marketing on courses and products.

All The Best for your Affiliate Marketing Career !


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