HyperFund Review -Is HyperFund Global Real Or Another MLM Scam?

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I’ve spent 4 hours to prepare for this hyperfund review and hope it brings some light to how hyperfund global really works. Whether it’s a scam or not is up for speculation but in this video I want to give you the facts behind this DeFi glorified mlm.

The promises of 300% over 600 days isn’t to unrealistic as we’ve seen bitcoin easily hit that as it obtains new highs. The problem I have is they act as a fund but yet don’t show their portfolios transparently and where they’ve got their money invested.


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Alot of the presentations paint a pretty picture but I don’t see much backed by facts. I hope you enjoy my hyperfund global review so you can determine whether it’s an mlm ponzi scheme or a legit company.



  • Hi Josh, I have been investing in Hyperfund for over two month and been in the crypto space over a year doing different projects. You seem to skim through their due diligence report like it's no biggie, sorry to say, that documentations beats conversation every time. If you really looked into it you would see that this Mega company is all over the blockchain space and they have agreements with governments all over the world. they are the 3rd or 4th biggest crypto mining company in the world, The owners have been features in Amazon prime documentary series "Next blockchain" and more and more and more. Also, you didn't even talk about their REBUY SYSTEM that can take this to the next level and secure passive income. Also, they have network marketing system in place that can take you to the MOON. So, when doing a 4 hour research you should have checked it out better. You must have gotten your link from someone when you registered since this is the only way to register and they would have explained to you better. This company is aiming at 30 million members (currently 250k) so they can do an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Hyperfund has been around for more then a year and half, you tell me another project in this space that lasts and pays for this long. They are going to bank the unbanked and are doing this to spread wealth more evenly around the world. You should really look at "Next Blockchain" episode 6 and look closer at the owners. You will see Hypertech Group in different eyes. You are a network marketer and I am telling you, that you can be a 7 figure person with them in less then a year. Good luck.

  • You should have done this before beurax, could have save a lot of people a lot of trouble.

  • Thank you for your input on this platform… Great info to understanding the functions of platforms.

  • This was an excellent video. I was involved with AGAM (Google it when you have an opportunity) several years ago and was making money with Bitcoin before it took a nose dive. The owners of Atlantic Global Asset Management took off with Billions of dollars globally. Ponzi Scheme. I made the mistake of investing thousands of dollars an lost everything. I had my packages reinvesting and was making a modest $300 to $350 a week and it grew from $50 a week. Unlike others, I refused to take my profits out. Many of us, from around the world lost all of our money. I learned my lesson. When I saw Hyperfund, I was curious but now after seeing your video, I think I will leave that alone.

  • HU = Hyper Unit = $1
    When you convert to MOF if you cash out at the same time you are likely to not lose anything. I trade crypto too but consider Hyperfund much lower risk. All the numbers and back up you're looking for is publicly available.

  • Let me teach how to trade forex…so you'll never have to worry about these platforms running off with your money.

  • It doesn’t seem like you understood the withdrawal and exchange process. HU is a stable coin. It’s changed to MOF which can be exchanged immediately into the crypto coin of your choice. There hasn’t been a problem of losing a lot of value in the process except occasionally through some mild slippage. If you hold onto MOF, then you take on speculative risks or rewards. I’m not sure why you assume people will hodl MOF.

    Also, risk in this company should be evaluated by the stability of its revenue source as compared to others who rely on trading profits and eventually go bust like Qubitlife just did. Rewards are paid out of the revenues received from their 40 exchanges and vast financial infrastructure. With the increase in market volatility lately, I’ve been receiving more than 0.5% daily. You’re suggesting people toss their money into the market when every platform that depends on trading profits goes belly up. Personally I do both. Hyperfund provides stable passive income and my alt coin portfolio offers the opportunity to grow my wealth. There’s no reason to set them up as rivals.

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