How To Write Affiliate Marketing Articles In 2020 (Copywriting Tutorial) + TEMPLATES

Today I teach you how To Write Affiliate Marketing Articles that actually sell!

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Copyrighting is one of if not the best skill you can learn online, period! Why? Because everything on the internet requires you to write persuasively in order to make a sale.

Its the process of getting someone to come into a webpage then leave by taking an action that you set them up to do.

Hands down, from ads to SEO content or articles, product reviews, funnels, and Ebooks.Its all copyrighting!

Today, I teach you absolutely everything there is to know about it in a step by step tutorial that will literally change the way you market forever.

It’s safe to say this is the best skill you can learn for affiliate marketing… But don’t take my word for it, watch the video and see for yourself!

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  • Watch this video and change the way you market online forever! Straight up, this video will change your life! Don't forget to SMASH the LIKE button to share this video out, PLEASE!!!!

  • I seen the docs in the
    cta I click it but I can't get the free ebook 😂

  • 🙋🏽‍♂️ Hi Leon, can you do similar video but for an amazon product review post? because it's not the same strategies. either way, thank you for this video man. 🙂

  • I needed this info! Thank you so much 🙏

  • Hey Leon,

    I had a question that you can either address in your comments *OR* maybe even make a quick video about it.

    What are your thoughts on Single Product review pages? I'm seeing more and more of this as people write entire blog posts on a single product, and then link that to their "Best XXX page".

    Here's an example on BabyGearLab where they did a full writeup on a single baby monitor. ( )

    Any experience with this? I'd love to hear how these pages perform? Also wondering if the site owners make them for traffic or just to boost authority for the main comparison article.



  • Great video. I really appreciate the template in Google Docs. Thanks for sharing.


  • Sir i will start laptop amazon niche site as my first site. Can you please tell me is this niche profitable and competitive for beginner.
    Thanks in advance

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  • This is very great Leon. This is good 👍

  • 🔥Absolutely Sauce🔥 Leon gets a heart reaction for this one!

  • I am happy that I am one of your early subscribers, with the quality of content you upload you might reach 1 million subscribers mark within a year from now….. Superb content. Thanks.

  • Very nice video. Thanks Leon

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