How to stake USDC: ~40% APY with lowest risks

In this video, we’re guiding you through the process of staking the USDC stablecoin at ~40% APY on Waves.Exchange.

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  • but how is it 40%? you didn't actually show that, or isn't zoomed in enough or high enough resolution to see it

  • Can I stake usdc on binance?

  • Bonjour les gar je viens de lister un token que waves. Exchange penser à acheter le votre soit avec du USDT ou bitcoin avant je sa valeur ne monte à 1 ici quelk jours
    Son nom est : espoir inu

  • There aren’t any tabs on the website showing the identity of the developers. That’s sus! Also, please explain the risks involved with staking USDC or USDT on your LP investment tool.

  • how are they able to give over 100% apy on coins like btc and eth? not even staking eth 2.0 and running your own node will get you anywhere near that number. sounds very sus.

  • I assume the APY on USDC is not fixed at 31% … how much does the APY fluctuate? And how drastically?

  • Запутанная схема отбора ваших денег. Завести пожалуйста, а вывести придется попотеть. Очень повезет если останетесь при своих. Не рекомендую.

  • Thanks for the video. When unstaking, can we select the amount to unstake? Or do we have to unstake everything all at once?

  • Is the interest you receive simple interest or compounding interest? Since only the price of USDCLP increases and not the quantity, would that mean you're only receiving simple interest?

  • Could you do a video about Lambo staking and algorithmic trading on Waves? Thanks a lot!

  • Usdc is showing as not available yet!??

  • Do I get paid monthly or weekly?

  • Everyone says low risks but nobody explains what the actual risks are.

  • you mentioned, that high APY (40-50%), comes from farming on uniswap or curve, but… how is it possible? because farming directly on uniswap or curve- I can get much lower APYs than in

  • Waves Defi module seems really attractive but they are 2 problems with staking on the Waves platform:
    1) You guys keep saying that the Smart contract is public, anybody can audit it etc. but most people are not developers that is why most companies in the DEFI space pay legitimate crypto audit companies to audit their contracts. Everyday on your telegram channel people ask for it and you guys never address it.
    2) When you 'unstake' it takes 2 weeks … why not, Aave has a similar process with their security module where it takes 10 days to unstake BUT at least during these 10 days, you continue to get your rewards …
    With Waves, as soon as you unstake, your LP tokens are converted to usdc and you don't get anything for 2 weeks. That needs to be changed. Lock the coins for 2 weeks it's fine, but continue to give the APY during that time.
    There is also the elephant in the room that it started at 60% at the end of December and now 3 months later it's at 35%. Don't get me wrong it is still AWESOME compare to other platforms but it just seems that the APY is going down real fast.

  • Interesting video however you have made no mention of the risks associated with the exchange shutting down. Waves exchange has a trust score of 4 while exchanges like binance and Coinbase have a trust score of 10.

  • When will waves be supported in cointraking? Waves DEX will not be professional until we can produce a correct tax sheet.

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