How to make $6000 a month from Affiliate Marketing – with @Miles Beckler

You’ve seen the adverts. Make a 6 figure passive income through Affiliate Marketing.

Anyone can do it.

You just need to follow my step-by-step process and you can be as successful as my success students.

There will be a few screen shots of other people’s “success” – John in Alabama did $13,000 last month.

Carole did $19,000 dollars in her first month.

Ever thought… “If you’re making so much money from Affiliate Marketing” why would you want to tell the world about it? Why have you decided to dedicate your time helping complete strangers become your competitors?”

For most people – they penny drops and they realise – this idiot with a money gun and lime-green lambo, screaming at you from a YouTube advert DOESN’T make money from Affiliate Marketing.


They make money from SELLING COURSES that tell you how to do affiliate marketing.

And here is the thing.

It’ll cost you a few thousand dollars to listen to module after module of bad advice and outdated information.

And the success rate of these courses are less than 5%.

95% of people that TRIED REALLY REALLY HARD lose money on this.

I challenged a guru to make me an affiliate marketing success.

Guess what.

He disappeared.

So I spoke to someone that REALLY lives this life and DOESN’T make his money telling others how to do it.

@Miles Beckler did a 12 month Affiliate Marketing experiment and this is his thoughts on whether YOU should try it yourself…

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