How to Lend Crypto Through Ledger Live Using Compound & Stable Coins

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Ledger Help Page on Lending Services:

Intro: 0:19
Explanation of Lending Feature: 1:43
Explanation of ERC20 tokens: 2:18
Demo on Depositing ERC20 assets in Your Ledger Wallet: 2:40
Why You Should Stake Stable Coins: 9:08
Initiating the Loan: 9:31
Approving the account: 9:40
Make Deposit: 11:25
Approve the Network Fees: 12:03
Signing the Transaction: 12:38
Withdrawing the Assets: 13:16
Make deposit with Partial Balance: 14:11
Explanation of Ethereum Fees: 15:08

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  • Coinsfix team comes highly recommended. I will contact them to help me get my bitcoins back which some scammers took from me.

  • 1 2

    these fees kills this interest, on binance 7% on leger 1,6%

  • WOW Ledger, thanks for ripping me off with all these fees!!!

  • you can do it with usdc on an algorand account aswell. skip that ethereum rubbish

  • with these fees its just ridicouless with etherium.. .you need to lend some solid amounts so that the fees doesnt kill your roi!

  • I sent USDT to my ledger but I cannot see the balance. How do I see it? (do I need to add some ETH to the balance?)

  • Can you borrow from your ledger?

  • who do they led it to? i would love to borrow some usdt with such %

  • Thanks a lot man! I was getting an error saying:"The ETH balance in the parent account in insufficient for network fees".
    I was confusing USDT with ETH but I understood it after seeing your video ^^

  • Great video! If I add assets to my current lending ETH account are they automatically being lent or do I need a new smart contract, i.e. pay additional fees to lend those extra assets?

  • Yeah but they are all stable coins…why can't I lend out other tokens?

  • was struggling to understand the concept until now, a great breakdown. A new subscriber gained!

  • how long before account shows up in approved accounts?

  • I AM REGRETTING THIS INSTANTLY. Followed the above instruction, the FEES now are absolutely insane! 15 dollars to verify, and to lend out, i have to pay 65 bucks!!! F robbery.

  • Great video!! finally a video that explains it without screaming or giving me a headache. New Subscriber for sure!!

  • Now I know how deposit USDT, I was so confuse sharing with ETH at first. Thanks, will support your channel and subscribe.

  • No sir I think you just missed the convert button (on the right there).

  • You could have just used the convert function on your coinbase wallet to move the bitcoin to dai. You ate up like $3 of fees for not knowing that.

  • So I noticed this features a while ago. I also noticed that the interest changes every so often like 5-15mins or so. My question is when you lend at one rate, is it locked at that rate or does the interest change accordingly?

  • Earnings are on crypto or Fiat?

  • Las ganancias son en crypto o en Fiat?

  • So when you fail to supply, do you lose your ETH as result of the gas fees?

  • Any reason why the interest is so low compared to other platforms?

  • Hi thanks so much for the info! the max amount it lets my lend is 25,000 DAI, but I have more… so what to do??

  • Hi Thanks for you work. Super informationen. In the video you mentioned the problem with the transfer of erc20 tokens. The first cryptocurrency that was transferred to the wallet was the erc20 token, not eth. Later I poured eth. And now I have two different erc20 wallets, one of which I see 0.00, only when I go down it is this token with the correct sum. I have a problem because now when I try to send on Binance I only see the status' "0 "How can I fix it? Help !!
    Can it be fix?

  • i want to ask u if it is safe if we will lend our usdt on nano ? i mean is there any chance that we might loose our funds in staking or lending?

  • is there a posibility to lend/stack Dogecoin somewhere?

  • Hello REX. I have 2 questions for you.
    When we are lending through Ledger live do we earn COMP token?
    Also Why do we need to activate the account on Ledger? If we go directly to Compound website, do we need to activate an account paying extra GAS fee also? Gas fees are 20 USD right now.

  • I don't comment too much on crypto videos on youtube. but you have a very comfortable voice and talking speed and make it very super nice to understand the topic for a non native english speaker. very comfortable to watch 🙂

  • I'll rather lend mine to Mr Buterin according to his YouTube ads, that's more profitable 😁

  • Hello, I have a lot of fees : around 0.035 eth(60$) whereas I select slow. and 115$ of fees when i select rapid (it's huge) when i want to deposit DAI or TETHER is it normal, how can i reduce the fees ?

  • Thanks for this video. Real informative. I’ve noticed that the more expensive Ethereum gets the more expensive it’ll be to lend out DEFI crypto due to the expensive fees associated. That 0.015 ETH is ~$27 USD
    Just that alone in Fees.

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    for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  • Hey Crypto Dad 😀 I did all the steps that you list here, but It's still hanging on the "Supplying" status. I had the speed "Gas Price" set to slow to lower my Ethereum fees, but I wouldn't expect it to take over 8 hours to supply.

    In my Portfolio tab, under Latest Operations, the Fee and Deposited actions are still greyed out with a Status "Not confirmed". Does that mean it's still in the process, or did it not go through because the Gas Price was set too low?

  • I dont understand this!! is it me and i dont understand??? Why would i sell my bitcoin, to stake USDC, for a return of 2-% interest, surely i would keep my bitcoin investment?????

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