How to Install and Integrate Only Office with Nextcloud

This video shows how to integrate Only Office into Nextcloud so you can edit documents straight in the browser.
This is the third part of a 3 part series having a look at Nextcloud after installation.

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Commands to copy certs for Only Office

Only Office proxy config file.

Need a cheap windows 10 licence for around $5

Thanks to
The Limetech team for bringing us unRAID.

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  • This is good – again thank you

  • What if the letsencrypt cetificate expires (>90 days) and becomes invalid? We manually copied it to the /mnt/user/appdata/onlyofficeds/Data/certs/ folder so it will stop working eventually won't it. Wouldn't this need e.g. a shared folder or a cronjob with letsencrypt so we get updated certificates?

  • +1 for "ocean loader" chip tune

  • i don't know why , but when i click save button , nextcloud post error message :"Error when trying to connect (cURL error 7: (see" …

  • Question (unraid newbie here) … how well do updates handle custom configurations like this? I know any update could break in principle, just wondering how much effort updating usually causes on an average basis. Hoping that between putting docker configs in Unraid and copying files that they mostly persist.

  • 18.0.4 = still broken. Thanks for the workaround.

  • Is the error still there, or does it work as it should?

  • Just so anyone struggling needs to know. I installed onlyoffice document server and accidentally pasted the wrong initial code into the console. This appeared to have messed up the entire operation. I could not get onlyoffice to work. I uninstalled, manually deleted all onlyoffice appdata folders in krusdader, and reinstalled the application and did everything properly and it worked with no issues. Hope that helps someone with the same issue.

  • Doing this on 5/30/2020 and the first method with the community document server is working!!

  • FYI: I followed SpaceInvader's instructions exactly, but kept getting a 502 Bad Gateway error. Checking the container log showed a couple link errors followed by Waiting for connection Port 5432. NOTE: This container REQUIRES hard link support. If you get a 502 Bad Gateway error, be sure to verify that Unraid -> Settings -> Global Share Settings -> Tunable (support Hard Links) is set to Yes. As soon as I enabled Hard Link Support, everything started to work (i.e., NextCloud was able to connect to OnlyOffice). Although Unraid's default is to support Hard Links, one of the recommendations to address Unraid 6.8.X's Samba performance issue was to disable Hard Link support.

  • 1 may, Not working.

  • @spaceinvader You have done it again. Great tutorial. I have been wanting to do this for months. Thank you!

  • denied the connection. Any thoughts? Help would be appreciated…. Thanks guys!

  • Thanxs for this Video but i have Problem wenn i Save my Doceumentserver in Nextcloud then i became an Error Bad Healthestatus. When i look in the LOG from the Documentserver i found this one "[2020-04-26T12:50:36.926] [ERROR] nodeJS – healthCheck error

    error: password authentication failed for user "onlyoffice". I Hope you can Help me.

  • Thanks for this amazing tutorial!! You always post great stuff. I did run into one issue with this which I haven't been able to figure out. Nextcloud 18.0.3, OnlyOffice 4.1.4. Nextcloud returns no errors and connects with no issues through, but I can't get OnlyOffice to play nice. leads me to the welcome page, but when I put "" into Document Editing Service address it returns error 28, a timeout error to port 443. I've checked the Office error logs, they're all blank. Same with Nextcloud. The only error I can find is the OnlyOfficeDocumentServer container log shows "==> /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/nginx.error.log <==". I've spent a few hours Googling with no luck. I'm sure it's something simple, hopefully. Anybody else having this issue?

    Not actually using "", just a place holder. Though I am definitely noob enough to make that mistake. Thanks for the help!

  • thanks for the tutorial. However, as of 18.0.4, nextcloud has not fixed this bug. I have a suggestion, maybe Check out NginxProxyManager by jlesage. its significantly easier then the letsencrypt docker.

  • Okay, I just verified several important things. It is unnecessary to copy certs from letsencrypt. Since March 2nd linuxserver/letsencrypt has a sample configuration for documentserver.
    You can simply do the following:
    * run the onlyoffice/documentserver container, just make sure to name your container "documentserver"
    * DO NOT copy any certs from letsencrypt into another container
    * in letsencrypt's config directory, simply "cp documentserver.subdomain.conf.sample documentserver.subdomain.conf"

  • Why would I copy my certs and keys into the document server container? It seems wrong. Shouldn't SSL terminate at the letsencrypt container which then proxies it over http to the document server?

  • If i could suggest something to everyone. Secure your onlyoffice document server installation! Bash into your onlyofficeds docker and go to /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver and edit file local.json find section "Token" and there are three "false" values. Change all three to "true" and under find section "secret" and there change string values "secret" to your own secret key for inbox, outbox & session categories. after successfull edit run this command inside docker "supervisorctl restart all" without those "" after that go to your nextcloud settings and type in there your new string secret key. You can also limit the server by editing "ip filter section" and changinf "*" to IP addresses or domains. If multiple domains or IPs each definition needs to be on a new row.

  • Our Amber with Docker interface can install NextCloud much easier. Our Amber Anywhere even can provide public URL to access NextCloud on Amber witout changing network setting. Hope to get in touch for more discussion.

  • Your work is priceless.
    -anyone setup, caching, antivirus, download limits, ect…?
    Nextcloud Tuneup video would be great.

  • TDA

    I had setup OnlyOffice this way for the older version of NextCloud.
    But after a month or so … OnlyOffice was expired.
    My question is: Is now OnlyOffice free or do you have to buy it?

  • Only thing we need now is a video on how to install a turn-server to work with nextcloud!

  • Hi, my 443 port is blocked, I tried to reverse prox onlyoffice to 4330 port, but the welcome page always redirect to https://serverdomain/welcome but not https://serverdomain:4330/welcome, do you have any solution for the problem? Thank you!

  • I followed the instructions but the only office server doesnt work and shows "something went wrong during installation" anyone else get this?

  • how to create multiple user's in Nextcloud or accounts

  • Getting error "Error when trying to connect (cURL error 60: SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name '' (see" when trying to edit document editing service address. Any ideas?

  • Liked, Subscribed, another STELLAR video. Thanks again.

  • Good video! Is there any way to do this on a shared host server?

  • I'd love a tutorial for installing mailcow as a personal email server and getting it to work on desktop and phone. Adding additional spam filtering would be great too.

  • Any help for setting up OpenOffice? Ive got it working on a reverse proxy however I get the document server erorr when putting my proxy url into nextcloud.

    I am using ngxingproxymanager to add.

  • great video as usual. does anyone know how to increase the maximum file size. Any references i find online to it don't seem to apply to the unraid docker version?

  • Thanks for all videos for helping noobs like me 🙂 i have one question – i use delugeVPN privoxy but dont know how to stop leaking DNS from this container. I dont know how and where to setup custom DNS server

  • I'm getting an error right at the end. When I enter the web address into the OnlyOffice settings, I get this:
    "Error when trying to connect (Server error: `GET https://documentserver.(mydomain).me/healthcheck` resulted in a `502 Bad Gateway` response: <html> <head><title>502 Bad Gateway</title></head> <body> <center><h1>502 Bad Gateway</h1></center> <hr><center>ngin (truncated…) )"

    I set up a CNAME for it exactly like my NextCloud one, but it doesn't work. I cannot access OnlyOffice at all with the settings specified in the video.

  • It appears I'm having an issue with my certs… For some reason if I copy over appdata/letsencrypt/keys/cert.crt and cert.key into appdata/openofficeds/Data/certs/openoffice.crt and openoffice.key, then I restart the container, I still get served the Linuxserver self generated certs… Do you have any idea what I could try? Also, for some reason those two files always have their permissions changed to 755… I think they're separate issues, but it's weird…

    EDIT: Forgot rule 1; always check the logs. I was being a dummy and it has something to do with the stupid way I have my containers set up. Great video as always! Keep up the great work!

  • Can you please make a new calibre video? The new (non-web) container maintained by linuxserver-io is ridiculously hard to setup and heaps of people are running into the same issues and there are a few fix ideas around, but not all of them work. And once it is running, you can easily bork the installation again…

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