How Stablecoins will be a Trojan Horse for CBDC’s

In this video, we look at the current landscape of regulations, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and central bank digital currencies. More and more it is looking like central banks and central governments plan to use the regulatory framework for stablecoin adoption as a trojan horse for CBDC adoption.

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  • I always love your parables. 👍

  • I don't mess with stable coins in the market. I ignore products like XRP.

  • Good stuff. Clear and concise. I've subscribed. 👍

  • how does this differ from china's social credit system, they are already blocking airport travel to individuals and they dont yet have such a currency

  • Thanks for the informative videos. How do you think CBDC will be integrated with FedNow service? — seems like that's step 1: "force" banks and credit unions to use their services for money transfers. I mean, technically with this service, all the possibilities you mentioned (fed controls what transactions can be used for whatever they want, basically) could become reality before CBDCs, I think.

  • Excellent as always, appreciate you sharing your knowledge…thanks

  • So you have read revelation…basically stating the beasts system

  • 95% of USDC's backing comes from M1 and M2 money supply instruments. Tether I can understand may not be fully backed, but USDC is audited monthly. More likely Fed uses private sector for CBDC because they can still control USDC by printing fiat.

  • Best video ever! Well done,

  • Mind blowing information! Big fan after two days of watching!

  • The only way left to create a currency to nothing is digitally.
    We live in a world where you get paid nothing.
    Why is silver n gold ignored….because it's real money not fake imaginary currency but real money.
    Days of our ponzi scheme lives.

  • Bitcoin is the governments competition. If you think for one minute that this government won’t find a way to shut it down,you are refusing to see what is happening around you. This is about control! And they will do what ever it takes to get it. Nobody is safe. Not your Bitcoin, not your silver and not your gold. So what should we do?

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart
        and lean not on your own understanding;
    in all your ways submit to him,
        and he will make your paths straight.”

  • Or, they will tank the dollar, and force people to use cbdc

    Just like social media…everyone will get on board, it will become the norm & then they’ll decide who gets to play & when.

  • No thanks, I’ll stay with cash.
    Sounds like they’ll have to ok every transaction al user & vendor, bet they’d love that.

  • or to update payment rails?

  • Im working with governments to inplement CBDCs. My company has developed an alternative to Tether and other stablecoins. Instead of a pegged currency, we've created a smart contract that freezes the dollar value of your cryptocurrency.
    We're using this tech for CBDC's around the globe. Would love to talk to you about how we're building CBDC's and some insider info 🙂

  • You know what governments really love? They love unregulated, decentralized currencies that rival their own currencies, especially during times of economic uncertainty. They love that almost as much as they love hostile foreign military invasions. LOL. PEOPLE NEED TO FACE REALITY! Right now, there are SHORT TERM profits to be made in cryptos, but if you think Bitcoin is the future, you're a moron. Decentralized cryptos are going to zero in coming years as governments increase regulations and controlls while rolling out their own centralized digital currencies.

  • Is safe deposit box outside banking system?

  • The “tools” need a tune up

  • “Fine tuning”. I can’t wait to get tuned up

  • XRP doesn’t take the most shit for no reason. It is the black sheep of the industry. And those who hold it know they own the most UNDERVALUED asset in the world!

    Do people randomly and consistently and daily attack a no name nothing coin? Exactly

  • USDC is on all the major chains. One chain in particular, Stellar. Stellar is partnered with IBM. IBM has a payment contract with the Federal Reserve. MIT has a contract with the Federal Reserve, and MIT has a relationship with IBM. I don't know!

  • Love your channel man. Thank you!!!

  • I am hoping they will call it E-Coin for the lulz

  • Never underestimate politicians addiction to power and control. Which brings about their extreme ability to f**k everything up

  • Central Bank Currencies will never succeed if the Dollar/ other fiat collapses

  • This stable coin fud is annoying. It clearly outlines how the people in this space don't understand what Bitcoin and other mainline cryptos are.

  • I think you should change your definition of regulation. The rope isn't regulation, it's insurance put in place by corporations/lobbyists. They love being too big to fail and guarantee a bailout. Good regulation should be like putting a guard rail up in front of the cliff. You can still jump but we've at least put something in your way lol.

  • One of your best videos. Thanks. Wow!

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  • That thing about "losing 99% of its value", only an idiot would hold savings as cash, long term. Why? Because central banks are mandated to hit an inflation target of 2%.

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    +1= 3= 8= 6= 3= 6= 1= 3= 2= 0 =7

  • T M

    Holy crap– listen people, the CBDC will NEVER happen. it violates a HUGE number of constitutional laws, state commerce clause laws, existing federal, state and local laws. The U.S Supreme Court will STRIKE THIS DOWN so fast it will make your head spin! And don't give me the crap about, "Oh, well that never stopped them before". I'm tired of "The sky is falling" rhetoric. We have a Constitution in place for a reason. The FLOOD of class action lawsuits that will come down the pike will STOP ALL THIS IN ITS TRACKS. Period. FULL STOP.

    Look at hundreds of cases over the past 50 years that sent government agencies and officials off to pout and suck their thumbs because they were SHUT DOWN due to the blatant violations of Constitutional law/Bill of Rights violations their proposals violated. Just go talk to a few seasoned D.C. lawyers who would LOVE to get their hands on a case(s) like this and make the FED go pound sand. And, YES, the FED CAN be sued. They are not the be-all and end-all power that everyone seems to think they are. The FED is in for a rude awakening once they begin messing with individual liberties and existing law(s). Never under-estimate the power of our legal system. Yeah, it's not perfect but the CBDC as described will NEVER happen. Everyone calm down, go out and enjoy the day.

  • Thanks, commenting for the algo.

  • That, or cryptocurrencies need some level of regulation because they're basically nothing but fancy tulips for the 21st Century.

  • Reverse electricity into a circuit and boom your money's gone don't think it won't be done

  • Great video, the Google algorithm Kung Fu is strong with this one. Also acceptable is lead launchers or meat sack hole makers.

    The transference or individual risk to systemic risk is SO interesting to think about and is something most people are totally ignorant of.

  • "they" are just getting you ready and used to the idea of using Digital currency. It's all a psyop

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